08 October 2014

Newer Collections from Checked In Today Artfire Guild Members

RSSDesignsInFiber  Hi!  This is Ruth Sandra Sperling of RSS Designs In Fiber on Artfire!  I've offered to periodically do Blog Posts featuring Artfire Collections made by Members of our Artfire Guild - Checked In Today !!

This is my first one - I checked in the Guild Forums for Collections posted there - both those with only Guild Members in the Collection - and those with "Non-Guild" listings in them --- and I have 4 recent ones of each I am going to post here!

Artfire is going through a format change - I emailed them about a few things that are missing with the new format - and it sounds like they are working to bring them back in.  I have a lot of listings, going years back, some of which are still active, in my Collection Queue - and you can use whatever is still in your Collection Queue to make new Collections!!  I did one just today - for our Checked In Today Guild:

So-o-o, if you are so inclined and have enough items in your Collection Queue - still make Collections - whether they are all Checked In Today Guild - or include some that are not in our Guild, making Collections is GOOD!!

I set up a Forum Discussion for OCTOBER GUILD COLLECTIONS:

There is still the Forum Discussion to "Share Your Non-Guild Collections Here Please":

Checked In Today Guild Collection from Thunderrose --

Checked In Today Guild Collection from  Pebbles At My Feet --

Checked In Today Guild Collection from Crafts Of The Past --

Checked In Today Guild Collection from Crafting Memories --

These four Collections are "Non-Guild" Artfire Collections made by Members of the Checked In Today Artfire Guild!!

A BIG THANK YOU to All the Checked In Today Guild Members who have continued making Collections with all the changes - both in our Guild - and on Artfire!

And - for those who are interested, Julie L. Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions, who started this blog for our Guild - is still running her "Countdown to Christmas" Link Party and Promotion - it is in Week 3 and this is the latest blog post on it:
"Countdown to Christmas 2014 - Week 3"


  1. What a wonderful post, Ruth. Thank you for taking the time to pull this together. Am looking forward to seeing more of your posts (:

  2. Great post, Ruth! Thanks so much for doing this. Xoxo Nat

  3. Fabulous teamwork *and* guild collection update!
    Thank you, Ruth. Bunches!

  4. Great to see the blog again! Thanks so much Ruth.

  5. wonderful collections! thank you, Ruth for taking this task on. it's great to see everyone promoting through all the changes and getting ready for the holidays.

  6. So nice to see this blog again! The collections are beautiful! - Connie - The Singing Beader


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