02 October 2014

Changes at Artfire

Have you seen the new mobile layout? 

 It is really going to be awesome when it is all said and done, and I am not a cheerleader for any site unless its my own. However, this new rollout has the possibility to help us pick up a lot more sales. The photos are crazy large if you are looking at it on a desktop screen, but both laptops I use show some amazing detailed photos. 

Just take a look at this amazing screen shot of Ruth's front page:
 Everything is so bright and colorful, and all the photos are crisp and clear. This is an excellent time to take your products out and give them a photo makeover. Start with older items and work your way through your studio, but all new items should have gorgeous photos that will be amazing on the new mobile platforms.

If you didn't see this already, here is a really cool feature for those shopping on their phones, and well, you too if you are shopping from the front page. Those little orange buttons are mouse over buttons. They give you the opportunity to pin the item, heart the item, or view the item. It's the little eye.

When you click the little orange eye, it gives you a large popup view of the product like this:


 What's really cool is that it has an Add to Cart button that will allow you to add the item and continue shopping from the same page. That is one less opportunity for your customer to wander off. 

So, while we wait for the roll out of banners, the social sharing buttons and other aesthetics, let's look at the positives. We want to be able to sell across all platforms, and as a web builder and designer from the 1990s, this is NO easy feat. My own site is not this well optimized for mobile. 

We are lucky that our platform of choice has taken this task on for us, and we don't have to do this ourselves. 

While things are aggravating (oh, yes, they are), the end will be something that helps all of us get oodles of sales during the 2014 holiday season.

Happy selling, 
Julie and Blu

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  1. Thanks, Julie - and thanks for the feature of my Studio! I think the new format is pretty neat, but I am hoping they will get everything they want back on the site - like for Sharing on multiple social media sites and in Collections!! I told them I want to be able to add items to my Collection Queue!!!


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