31 May 2014

Checked In

Hi everyone.... I am so excited as we go into June. So hard to believe isn't it? I am just curious as to how many people read the blog. As Julie has mentioned before, there is some great informational links here on our blog. I am so greatful for the opportunity to take over this Guild. I know we have some awesome artists, designers, etc. I am encouraging everyone just to take a few  moments and check out each others work.The collections are beautiful. Keep up the awesome work.   Robbin

24 May 2014


Hey all!!!  We are up and running... yeah!!  thankyou to Julie for this opportunity to be the guildmaster,as well as helping me to get here on the blog. I am looking forward to getting organized.   Lots of prayers please!!  lol    Everyone please don't hesitate to show off your creations. thank-you again for your patience..     Robbin