29 March 2014

Checked in Today! Weekly Guild Update 03-22-14

Your Guild at Work for You
What is new at the Checked In Today! Guild for the week of March 22, 2014?

Meet our newest members.


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- The Checked In Today! Guild is 162 strong.- Please remember to check in daily using the Check in button on the My Artfire page. It is on the left hand side and is blue until you click it, then it turns orange. It is good for 24 hours and is part of this guild's membership requirements.

If you wonder why our numbers seem to never move, it is because we will have 10 new members and then seven who never check back in again and disappear. I remove them after they have been gone a week or so. I recently needed to remove a few members who have not checked back in since they joined. I am not sending warnings to folks. Those who have not come back into their studios over 1 week without a vacation notice are being removed from the guild. They may rejoin when they are able to commit to checking in. I had to remove a lot missing members this week.


~ Are You New to Artfire? ~

If so, we have compiled a list of helpful threads, posts and other things to help you be successful on Artfire.

How to Succeed on Artfire


-- New Collections-

Here are the latest collections from your fellow guild members. Take a few moments to rate, comment and share these great collections. Making collections is time consuming and the more views these artists get, the more exposure your guild and your studio gets.

Complimentary Colors - Red and Blue by Celtic Creations

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee by Solana Kai Designs By Land by Butterflies in the Attic Through The Woods by Butterflies in the Attic By Sea by Butterflies in the Attic

If you have NOT made a collection for the guild lately, it would be very much appreciated if you would create one or two that only have Checked in Today! Guild  members in it. Also, if you ARE making collections, PLEASE post them in the forum thread, so I can share them for you.

-Reminder: Please post your collections in the current month on the Guild Forum so we can see them and make sure they get promoted.


Thank You to all who are so diligent to post their collections in the guild forum in order for me to find them. It is appreciated!





Here is March’s thread for Guild Member only collections


Here is April’s thread for Guild Members only collections


If you do not post your guild collections on the guild forum, I do not always see them and cannot give you recognition for your collection.
Need help posting a collection to the guild forum? Here is a How To thread

Please feel free to post your NON-Guild collections to this thread, so we can stop by and help you promote. http://www.artfire.com/guild_forums/view_thread/1877

Stop by and see some really great non-guild collections that are deserving of 5 Stars.

What is a collection and how do I make one?

If you need a comprehensive guide to making a collection, posting a collection and sharing a collection, I have written a tutorial blog post with pictures to help you.http://bmebluprint.blogspot.com/2012/05/so-you-want-to-make-collection.html


If you do not feel your collection is being recognized, please do both of these things:

1 – Make sure you post it in the monthly guild forum thread. That is the ONLY place I look for collections. I put a new thread up every month and mention it in the newsletter at least twice. I automatically go there looking for collections when I do the newsletter on Friday nights.

2 – Make sure all those in your collection are guild members. The rest, we promote, but I don’t publish.

Thank you for your help in this.

~ On the Front Page of Artfire

> Peachy by Quilt tops – non-guild

~ Artfire Daily Email

> Dazzling Daffodils by Shadow Dog Designs – non-guild

> Spring Best Tressed by Strega Jewelry – non-guild

I would love to see some more of our members sharing their latest creations. If you are not using Facebook, then post it on our guild forum. I will pick it and shared it with the group for you. Instructions and link to our guild page are in the following:

--New Studio Items by Checked in Today! guild members
Here are some of the latest and greatest new additions to the studios in your guild. The items you see posted here have been found on both the guild Facebook page
http://www.facebook.com/groups/CheckedInToday/ and the Guild Forum New Items posting page.

http://www.artfire.com/guild_forums/view_thread/3058  - Thank you Ruth of RSS Designs in Fiber for starting this.

Please Note: We are promoting any of your new items if you post them in either the Facebook page or the Guild Forum. Please link the item to your page, so I can post it to the blog. If it is not linked, I cannot post it.

If you need help posting to the guild forum, here is a link to a tutorial that will help you. Posting an Image to the Guild forum

New Studio Items

Kathy of Kats All That posted:

Citrine and Visage de Soleil Sun Gold-Filled Long Dangle Earrings

Bali Shield Larimar Crazy Lace Agate Swarovski Crystal .925 Earrings

Golden Quartz Pendant with Bamboo Jasper Desert Gold Nugget Necklace

Connie of The Singing Beader posted:

Gold Rhinestone Cross Necklace Blue Gemstone Crystals OOAK

Lyre Harp In A Hoop Earrings Unusual Music Themed Jewelry

Jigisha of JRP Designs posted:

Jewel tone bead crochet bracelet

Kandy of c0nfu3edgurl posted:

Vintage Inspired Pink Heart Shabby Chic Floral Hair Clip Headband

Vintage Blue Country Garden Shabby Chic Floral Hair Clip Headband

Baby Spot Bunny Rabbit Easter Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace

CJ of Ozarks Designs posted:

Brown Wood and Silver Owl Charm Earrings

Rose of Thaddeus Rose posted:

Jasper Pendant 18 Inch Necklace Gemstone Crystal Glass Woven Black

Nancy of Jazz it up with Designs by Nancy posted:

Black, White and Gray Memory Wire Bangle Bracelet

Rich Beige Caramel Copper Lampwork Handmade Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Medium Cup cozy for cold or hot beverages 16 oz multiple colors

Nat of Adore by Nat posted:

Elephant Party Invitation in Chevron for Birthday or Baby Shower

Magic Show Themed Party Centerpieces for Kids Birthday or Baby Shower

Rosemari of Walk in the Woods LLC posted:

Handmade Spirit Cord - Sugar Cream - Spun with Reiki and Love

Nature Inspired Writing Journal to Tuck in Your Pocket or Purse, Bloom

Ginkgo's Heart - A Mixed Media Healing Writing Journal

Anna of Crafts of the Past posted:

Hand Sculpted Brown, Gold, Teal Pendant Handmade Brushed Bronze Bail

Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs posted:

Tree of Life Pendant Necklace Handmade Rustic Magnesite Gemstones OOAK

Lisa of Cardsbylibe posted:

Handmade Mother's Day Card With Single Flower Bright Orange And Yellow

My Wonderful Mother Handmade Greeting Card Adorned With Flowers


Barb of Solana Kai Designs posted:

Koi Fish Charm Swarovski Blue Iris Bead Sterling Silver Earrings

Mother's Day countdown banner


We are at week five of the Mother’s Day Countdown.

We will be doing a weekly post for nine weekends. The post opens at noon on Friday and closes at midnight on Sunday night MST. You must promote all the listings in the countdown, and you are limited to only three items. We are not doing multiple stores this countdown. These countdowns are a lot of work, but they are extremely successful for those who participate.


Marketing Opportunities:

You can find all the latest marketing and networking opportunities here:

Here is March’s thread for Guild Member only collections


Here is April’s thread for Guild Members only collections


Post your non-guild collections to this thread

Please take a few minutes to click on the collections and tweet the sale items for your fellow guild members.
They will return the favor, which will increase sales for everyone.

-Your membership in this guild is greatly appreciated and it will help all of us be successful at something we love.
Disclaimer: This bulletin is compiled from things posted by members around the guild forum, Facebook and blog, so if you do not see something you feel I
missed, just let me know and I will update the post. I try and keep up with everyone, but I do miss things.

Julie and Blu