10 September 2013

Posting an Image to the Guild forum

In order to post images into the guild forum, here are the steps needed.

1-Navigate to the forum post topic or thread you wish to add your photo.


2-Click on the thread you wish to join. Select Advanced Reply at the bottom of the thread. Advanced Reply gives you the text editor.


This is the text editor menu bar that will appear at the top of your new post.


3-Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to the item from your studio that you want to add. I selected this item from my studio for this exercise.


4-Right click over the picture in your studio and select the Copy Image URL. Left click that option.


5-Go back to your waiting post. Click somewhere inside the box to reactivate the post, otherwise your photo will not show up.

Select the photo icon on the text editor menu bar. It looks like a photo and it will say Insert Image when you mouse over it. Click it to get the insert dialog box.




6-Put your cursor into the dialog box. Right click and Paste the copied image URL that was saved in step 4.


7-Press the OK button. Your image should appear in the box. If is does not, repeat steps 5 and 6. The post may not have been active when you added the image. This is particularly true on those using Chrome browsers. Firefox does not have this problem.


8-Right click on the image in your post if you are on Firefox. Chrome browser users will need to highlight the image by dragging their mouse from right to left. The example is a highlighted image using Chrome.


9-Leave the image highlighted or clicked and return to your studio tab. You need to copy the URL that belongs to the listing in order to make your photo item clickable. In your studio, select all the URL at the top of the browser page. Right click your mouse and select Copy.



10-Go back to your new post tab with your inserted item. Select the Link command on the text editor menu bar. It is the one that looks like a chain link. It will bring up a dialog box.


11-Right click in the dialog box and paste the copied listing URL. Press the OK button.


12-Your image with an active link will now appear in your post box.



As long as your item has an active link, others can click on it and help you promote it. Otherwise, they have to go to your studio and hunt the item down. Please be kind and link the image.


  1. Yes! Very well explained! :) (I love directions with images). I usually use Firefox, but I want to try it on Chrome again, because it never worked for me. But I see the instruction for dragging over the photo from left to right and I never tried that. I used to just add the URL link to click on, above the photo.

  2. Thank you, Julie, for the instructions. Have hardly ever made my photos clickable, sometime it worked, sometime it didn't. Now I will do more of that! Thanks again.

  3. Thanks, Julie - good info for everyone to know. What I have been doing is just copying the Image and putting a linked title directly under it. I'm not sure if is my system or my browser, but I have sometimes found it hard to put the link on a photo - or at some later time, it doesn't always work -- but it always works if I put a Title or Caption and link that to the listing! Little bit more work but I figure it is worth the time for promoting!!

  4. Thanks for posting

    I hope everyone starts linking their photo to their shop



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