09 April 2013

Why Do I Make Jewelry?

        Making jewelry is not always about making something cute. Sometimes, if not everytime, it's about picking up those beads you been looking at everyday, and finally putting together some wire, clasps, and wrapping this around that, and ending up with what you imagined in your head sitting right infront of you.
        Satisfaction is what I'm talking about! There is no way to make jewelry and not have that grand feeling of satisfaction. I feel it before I begin making my jewelry. Shows how much I love doing what I do. Now, all I need to do is learn some new jewelry making styles and I can have more satisfaction!
        Always do what will make you happy. Never miss a moment to please yourself. No one can please you, like having a moment to yourself. Such satisfaction!!!!



  1. Great post Pamela! That is exactly how I feel about making jewelry. It is about playing with those beads and exploring your creativity. Thank you so much for posting this and reminding me why I make jewelry.

    Julie and Blu

  2. You are welcome! I had a moment of self reflection, and wanted to share. After seeing all the pieces everyone has been posting, they too express their satisfaction in jewelry making. Feels great to share the same experiences with so many wonderful people!


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