21 April 2013

Learning Something New

Hello fellow Checked In Today-ers! My name is S L Waldon. My ArtFire Studio is Islands Of Time. I am primarily a painter, but, I also make jewelry and fiber art.

I am happy to tell you about one of my newest learning experiences. I have always been fond of art in any medium. Fiber art and 'the fiber arts' in general is something I seem to be naturally good at. Sewing, designing fiber art and functional items, crochet, weaving..pretty much anything to do with fiber. I began a journey into creating fiber art jewelry using many techniques, especially crochet. Although it is fun and comes easy to me, I have not been particularly successful at marketing it.

It seems that the concept of crocheted jewelry is not familiar enough, so, it is overlooked. However, I am not discouraged by this. Now, with a cupboard full of fibers, I searched for something that was a little more mainstream and more easily recognized. A few week ago I found micro macrame. It needs fiber, which I have, beads and buttons, which I also have.

Below you will find pictures of my second attempt at a simple bracelet using a micro macrame pattern. I am sure to enjoy learning many other things with all the variations possible. Very soon I am planning to begin adding some of these to my ArtFire Studio.


It just goes to show, if you have a desire to create, it only takes not giving up and you will find your way. I still have no idea whether the newest of my learned skills will yield any sales. In the grander scheme of things, does it really matter? That I do not know. I am a creative person by birth. I hope to inspire other creative people.  I would very much encourage you to do just that. What fun, what relaxation you will experience.

Thanks for listening.
What will you create today?

S L Waldon

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  1. That is very pretty! I like the combination of the fibers with the beads and the colors you have chosen. - Connie - The Singing Beader


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