20 April 2013

Checked In Today! Guild Weekly Update 4-13-13

Your Guild at Work for You
What is new at the Checked In Today! Guild for the week of April 13, 2013?

> You will notice several spots in the newsletter that draw attention to Marketing Opportunities available to all. I am trying to find these as I travel about the guilds and web to provide you guys with opportunities to get more exposure. As well as I am trying to link this blog to your items to give you some of those wonderful backlinks. If you have some that I need to know about, please send them to me, so I can include them. Eventually, I will set up a little section on here for them.

-- New Members - We want to welcome the following new members to the Checked In Today! Guild










- The Checked In Today! Guild is 193 strong.- Please remember to check in daily using the Check in button on the My Artfire page. It is on the left hand side and is blue until you click it, then it turns orange. It is good for 24 hours and is part of this guild's membership requirements.
If you wonder why our numbers seem to never move, it is because we will have 10 new members and then seven who never check back in again and disappear. I remove them after they have been gone a week or so.

-- New Collections-
Here are the latest collections from your fellow guild members. Take a few moments to rate, comment and share these great collections. Making collections is time consuming and the more views these artists get, the more exposure your guild and your studio gets.


Orange and Red Happiness by Shadow Dog Designs

If you have NOT made a collection for the guild lately, it would be very much appreciated if you would create one or two that only have Checked in Today! Guild  members in it. Also, if you ARE making collections, PLEASE post them in the forum thread, so I can share them for you.

-Reminder: Please post your collections on the Guild Forum so we can see them and make sure they get promoted. Here is the thread to post on -

Please NOTE: We are posting under a thread for the month, so we can find the new collections easier. Also, there is now a NON-Guild thread for all your other collections. Please ONLY post the guild collections with only guild members under the monthly thread. Confused? Just yell and we will help.

Need help posting a collection to the guild forum? Here is a How To thread http://www.artfire.com/guild_forums/view_thread/1661

Please feel free to post your NON-Guild collections to this thread, so we can stop by and help you promote. http://www.artfire.com/guild_forums/view_thread/1877

Post your April guild collections to this thread http://www.artfire.com/guild_forums/view_thread/2768
Stop by and see some really great non-guild collections that are deserving of 5 Stars.

What is a collection and how do I make one?

If you need a comprehensive guide to making a collection, posting a collection and sharing a collection, I have written a tutorial blog post with pictures to help you. http://bmebluprint.blogspot.com/2012/05/so-you-want-to-make-collection.html

- Success Stories – send us yours, both big and small, and we will feature it on the Checked In Today! Blog – we want to hear from you. Success stories always encourage everyone around them.

> This note: Ann of Mystic Dreamer Art was awarded third place in functional objects proficient class by the judges at Progress and Possibilities 2012, which is the trade guild for polymer clay artists. 

Dive Time Clock

Her vase is also used in the latest International Polymer Clay Guild membership invitation.


~ On the Front Page of Artfire

Jasper Expressions by Pebbles at my Feet – non-guild

Go Green by ClemmieV Totes and Bags – non–guild

Trunk Show for Pearls by Beaded Necklace Shoppe – non-guild

Sea breeze Teal Collection by Jazz it up with Design by Nancy – non-guild

New and Natural by Luvncrafts – non-guild

~ Artfire Daily Email

-- New Blog Posts
- Stop by the Checked In Today! Blog and read the latest posts. You will find these new posts on the blog this week.

> The only post this week was the weekly update from 4-6-13

> Reminder – we welcome posts from current members of Checked in Today! guild – please let me know if you are not an author and would like to be listed as one on the blog. If you have a how to article or anything of interest, please share! We love to see what everyone is up to.

-- Facebook Hilights

- Facebook Checked In Today! page is filled with activity and you might find these outstanding posts worth reading.
- Meet new members, see the latest collections, discuss the advantages of marketing and learn about Chatterbox forum posts by staff.

There were a lot of new posts this week. You can tell spring is in the air – we are all busy!

> Julie of Blue Morning Expressions posted Week 10 of the Mother’s Day Countdown, which is  a great Marketing Opportunity

> Jennifer of Desert Creations posted a recipe for homemade laundry soap on her blog.  http://azdesertcreations.blogspot.com/2013/04/cloth-diaper-safe-homemade-laundry.html

> Barbara of Barb’s Crochet Hut is working on writing a cookbook. That will make a great gift along with one of her amazingly colorful aprons.

> Julie of Blue Morning Expressions posted three new blog posts.

Shake Rattle and Roll – Earthquake Lake, MT

Oh, Snail Spit and Drama – Midweek countdown post on the color purple

Wax Lips and Fingertips – Wax Museum of San Francisco

> Linda Atkinson shared a photo of Utah with all the new snow she had this week.

> Share your best collection here Artfire LInk Collections Chest Contest in this great Marketing Opportunity.

> Artist SLWalden is working on her bead weaving and shared her latest completed bracelet.

> Julie of Blue Morning Expressions shared her latest necklace.


> Pam of Pebbles at my Feet shared her latest earrings.



> Linda Atkinson shared her latest bracelet that is perfect for that coffee lover in your life.

> Check out this fun blog post on Creativity that was posted in the main forum. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2013/04/14/9-illuminating-lessons-on-creativity/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

> Jennifer of Desert Creations posted this very cool Tree of Life.

> Jennifer of Desert Creations posted her latest Mother’s Day ezine. There are many of our guild members in this issue.

Glossi.com - Handmade and Vintage for Mother's Day and Spring

Click to view Handmade and Vintage for Mother's Day and Spring on GLOSSI.COM

> Julie of Blue Morning Expressions shared her latest chacha bracelet.

> Lisa of Cards by Libe shared one of her latest creations. She is ready for Father’s Day already!

> Jennifer of Desert Creations shared her latest blog post on her creative process. http://azdesertcreations.blogspot.com/2013/04/trees-trees-and-more-trees.html

> Linda Steider of Steider Studios had a great show over the weekend when the artists had an open house.

Post your April guild collections to this thread http://www.artfire.com/guild_forums/view_thread/2768
Post your non-guild collections to this thread http://www.artfire.com/guild_forums/view_thread/1877

Please take a few minutes to click on the collections and tweet the sale items for your fellow guild members.
They will return the favor, which will increase sales for everyone.

-Your membership in this guild is greatly appreciated and it will help all of us be successful at something we love.

Disclaimer: This bulletin is compiled from things posted by members around the guild forum, Facebook and blog, so if you do not see something you feel I
missed, just let me know and I will update the post. I try and keep up with everyone, but I do miss things.
Julie and Blu


  1. Jennifer, your tree of life in blues is so beautiful!

  2. I love the purse!

    Thanks to Julie & Blu for all the work involved in posting this

    Happy sales!


  3. Nice to meet out newest members and check in with all that's goin on!

  4. What a wonderful update. Thank you for doing this for us :)


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