23 February 2013

Men's Jewelry Design by Pamela Bead Jewelry

Hi, I enjoy making beaded jewelry for girls, women, and men. As a woman, making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for girls and women is a piece of cake. Picking out the colors and the beads is the best part because your mind is having fun with all the possibilities of creating jewelry. When the subject of men's jewelry pops up, it becomes a very different matter. A jewelry designer for men have to always be mindful of one important key component. Masculinity, the quality of being masculine. For example, when I shop for beads to make men's jewelry, I look for wood beads that do not have a "cute" or "pretty" quality. I keep asking myself,"If I were a man, what would I be okay with wearing?" I also keep the size of the beads in mind. I do not want to use the tiny beads for their jewelry. I want large or medium beads to work with. Another important component is length. Most men in some cases want their necklaces to be long so they steer away from a feminine look. They also like to be able to easily place them over their head without dealing with clasps. A length over 26 inches, say 38 to 40 inches would be okay for them to be comfortable in. With bracelets, it is best to make sure a man's wrist from medium to large can fit a stretch bracelet. When a man puts on a bracelet, his hand is what stretches it till it gets to his wrist area. The bracelet do not have to be snug on his wrist. As long as it cannot slide off when his arm is down you have made a good men's bracelet. Making jewelry for men is about allowing him to feel that he will look good wearing a piece of jewelry. Few if not many, find it hard to wear jewelry for their own personal reasons. Making jewelry is suppose to attract their attention in a positive and confident manner. Masculinity is not to be lost but kept when providing jewelry for our men. My online store is Pamela Bead Jewelry. Check out my pieces at http://PamelaBead.artfire.com www.facebook.com/pamelabeadjewelry


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  2. Thank you for reading! I hope that I have encouraged others to try something different. Making jewelry is peaceful and rewarding!

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