09 February 2013

Find Artistic Inspiration By Cleaning & Organizing

All of us in the Checked In Today! Guild are Artists (Artisans) and we are always in need of ideas. This is true of any creative process from painting to cooking.  Finding inspiration is sometimes difficult, sometimes impossible, and sometimes....it lands in your lap!

The other day I was pestered by a burst of creative energy.  I say pestered because this energy (or artistic inspiration, if you will ) had no particular direction.  It was making me restless and frustrated and lacked focus.

Finally, giving in to conscience about my cluttered work area I decided to put my energy to good use.  I began to clean and organize. (If any of you have ever seen my space you will laugh at this, because it is already clean and organized most of the time)  During this seemingly redundant exercise a stack of  'in progress' work caught my eye and I pulled it from the shelf. Suddenly, tumbling into my lap was a little watercolor that I had begun a few years back.  This work, "Fan Tango" contained a considerable amount of detail and I had set it aside to complete later.

Fan Tango Fine Art Print
Soon, no longer pestered and painting away with a new flush of creativity, the piece is finished.  I'm happy with the way it turned out and the best part is, even though I had given up on finding artistic inspiration, it was only because I had decided to use that burst of creative energy in a positive way that I was rewarded for my diligence with "Fan Tango". 

The next time you are cleaning and organizing in your work space I hope you are pestered by a burst of creative energy.  You never know what amazing creations might land in your lap!

Thanks for listening.
What will you create today?

S L Waldon



  1. I love your new little fish! Thank you for this timely reminder to clean up our mess in time for all the great new spring creations that are budding in our creativity.

    Julie and Blu

  2. Such a lovely little painting. I love the colors and the playfulness of the watercolor. I really enjoyed your story about cleaning and organizing your workspace too. Inspiring and motivating to do something in my own studio :-) - Karen of SewKlassic


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