23 April 2012

Mother’s Day – Give Her Best Wishes

As you may remember from previous posts,the United States was not participating in Mothering Day due to lack of interest of both mothers and offspring. After Julia Ward Howe was unsuccessful in creating a national movement towards honoring mothers, it was another 40 years before someone else picked up the torch for mothers in the United States.

Anna M. Jarvis lost her mother in 1908 and through that loss, she began a crusade to honor mothers everywhere. Her mother had been a Sunday School teacher and Anna begged permission to set aside a day to honor mothers in her home church. May 10, 1908 was the first real Mother’s Day in the United States in both Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia and a Philadelphia church. 407 parishioners participated in the first celebration, where Anna had her mother’s favorite flower pinned to all the mothers. The white carnation was used to honor Anna’s mother and all mothers in attendance that Sunday.

The church in Grafton is still a part of today’s celebrations and is now part of the International Shrine to Mother’s Day.

The white carnation is a symbol of honor for a deceased mother, the pink carnation and red carnation are used to honor living mothers.

The YMCA petitioned the United States government to make Mother’s Day a national holiday and it was defeated, although 46 states, Mexico and Canada were all holding Mother’s Day celebrations by 1909.

Anna was determined to see Mother’s Day made into a national holiday and she spent all her time petitioning governments, women’s groups, business leaders, state and local groups and the World’s Sunday School Association. In 1912, the World’s Sunday School Association had a lot of influence over congress and senate and with them behind her, she was able to get Woodrow Wilson in 1914 to declare the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

It was not long before she was very sorry that she succeeded.

The immediate commercialization of Mother’s Day due to the popularity of the white carnation overshadowed the original intent and Anna spent the next 6 years suing to stop the holiday. She was arrested for protesting in the 1930s and she fought against a national stamp with her mother’s picture, a white carnation and the words Mother’s Day. She was successful in only getting the words Mother’s Day removed.

In spite of the fact she called all the florists charlatans, pirates, bandits, racketeers and termites, the sales of flowers – well, flourished and she died poor, blind and childless. The odd part of the story is, the Florist Exchange secretly paid for her care. It might be noted, that it was the least they could do since she singlehandedly gave them the world’s most successful holiday for florists, card companies and telephone companies.

Mother’s Day is a 16 BILLION dollar industry, florists sell the most flowers in May, the most long distance calls made are made on Mother’s Day and it is the busiest restaurant day of the year. Over 70 countries participate in Mother’s Day celebrations of some sort.

Hallmark says 96 percent of the American consumer takes part in the holiday.

With that said, there is no reason to add more money to the pot at Hallmark when these wonderful Checked In Today! Guild artists have designed and created these wonderful cards and other paper products that mom would enjoy as a Mother’s Day gift.




I Love You More Than Words Can Say hand-foiled binary art card

Mint to be Stationery

From the designer:

A heavyweight, warm white, pearlised A5 (approx 15cm (5 7/8") x 21cm (8 1/4")) original art card featuring scalloped corners and two love birds carrying a large heart on delicate love strings, with a special message to your loved one written in binary code. Don't worry the message has been translated for you and is picked out by red holographic hand foiling, in contrast to the binary message which is hand foiled in gold. The large heart is embellished by two tiny vintage red hearts matching the insert and has been hand embossed with contemporary hearts to add a little texture and interest.
Continuing in my theme of science meets art (in this case, computer science) and recycling, I have cut the two love birds from an actual floppy disk that I removed from one of my floppy disk notebooks - I waste nothing! The heart strings are actually drawn in a ruby red sparkling ink with hand punched detail hinting at the vintage red insert within the card and bringing a little subtle colour to the front of the card. The contrasting blank vintage red insert features a beautiful lacy cut heart edging across the bottom for a little luxury!




Floral Cork Memo Board


From the designer:

This cork board is painted with a white acrylic paint and then it is stamped with the design in black acrylic paint. Four rubber bands are placed around the board to hold notes and photos. Since this is made out of cork it still can be used with push pins. The back of of the board is left unpainted so it can be reversed for a different look.
Measures 12" x 12"





Chicago Skyline note cards 5 pack

Studio Wass

From the designer:

The Chicago skyline was hand drawn by me and reproduced on good quality card stock. The cards are 3 1/2 by 5 folded and make the perfect note card to send to a friend or acquaintance. The skyline design features many notable buildings of the Chicago skyline.
Package in sets of 5 with enveloped included. **Please specify vertical or horizontal and plain or "thinking of you"





Bookmark , Original Hand Painted Floral Tassel Wildflowers Gift Idea

Islands of Time

From the designer:

Approx. 2"X8" These hand painted bookmarks are made from best quality watercolor paper and have a HANDMADE TASSEL! They make great Teacher, Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, Thank You... gifts to tuck into a greeting card!
WHAT YOU GET: one bookmark with tassel


Now that you know the story of Mother’s Day, you have many new ideas on what to buy mom for that special day – and it IS special. It is not just for Mom's either; make sure you think of your sister, auntie, grandmother, mother-in-law, step-mother and any woman you love.

Here is the schedule of celebrations:

United Kingdom - March 18 – you are late – go buy something for 2013

United States - Sunday, May 13

Canada – Sunday, May 13

Mexico –  Tuesday, May 8

Australia – Sunday, May 13

New Zealand – Sunday, May 13

Author’s Notes:

If you are interested in more information on Mother’s Day, including other countries and their holiday celebrations,  http://www.mothersdaycentral.com/ and the International Mother’s Day Shrine http://www.mothersdayshrine.com/ I have included interesting links for both sites. Much of my research came from these two sites along with other historical documents.

©2012 jcleveland for Checked In Today! guild.

Raige Creations: Friday and Funky Mushrooms ~ a Zibbet Exhibit

Raige Creations: Friday and Funky Mushrooms ~ a Zibbet Exhibit

19 April 2012

Mother’s Day – Make Her Shine

As we have seen in our study of the history of Mother’s Day, the tradition of adorning mothers and goddesses in jewels goes back to the ancient Egyptians and is part of the traditions of over 40 countries that honor mom today. Isis, after all, wore bull horns on her head.
The selection of jewels and jewelry for mom is a daunting task since every artist has a different style and no mother is the same. It made it hard to select gift ideas from the Checked In Today! guild members for this section of the blog post in the series, but here are the selections and every studio mentioned here has oodles of other gift ideas for mom.
While there may not be any bull horns in these different selections, every part of mom that is so important has been covered.
Because she listens:
We decorate her ears


Bright Colorful Circle Wood Earrings


From the designer:
Lightweight Super Cute earrings

Earrings Purple Violet Flower Blue Chain Dangle Polymer Clay Swarovski

Blue Morning Expressions
From the designer:
I have been creating the violet flower polymer clay canes for a long time now and they are a very popular cane amongst bead creators. They are a very nice little flower that I use a lot in my bead creations. This is one of the few times that I have allowed them to stand alone as the focus of these beads.
The pretty purple flowers have been placed on a set of 10mm polymer clay baby blue beads that have been hand-drilled before being hung from a silver-plated chain. The beads have been capped with a filigree silver-plated bead cap to accent their elegance.
The dancing violet flower beads have been complimented with Swarovski crystals in both turquoise and a lovely light violet shade. Both crystals are eye-catching by their beauty and movement.
These earrings will move with you and they are extremely feminine.
The turquoise Swarovski is a 6mm crystal and the violet Swarovski is a 4mm crystal. Both of these crystals have been attached to chains of two different lengths.
These earrings are very lightweight. The length of the longest chain is 2 inches from the tip of the leverback to the bottom of the bead.
The polymer clay beads have been handcrafted and wetsanded before having a coat of varathene added for protection. These are the same type of beads that I create for sale and other beads can be found in my bead section.

Aqua Blue Glass Earrings with White Shell, Copper, Faux Stone, Earthy

Pretty Gonzo
From the designer:
These earthy dangle earrings feature rectangular Czech glass beads with a faux stone background and smooth aqua blue shapes that appear set in the stone. The shapes are roughly diamond, with the four points blunted and the walls curving inward. The visual effect is that of a mosaic piece; however the beads are entirely made of glass. They have a wonderfully earthy look, which combine best with copper tones rather than silver or gold. Their aqua blue color has a rather peaceful dreamy quality and is more a gentle hue than vibrant one.
These focals are bordered with lovely copper daisy spacers and then white shell round beads. The shell beads at the top are 4mm in size and smaller than those at the bottom, which are 6mm. The larger shell rounds have corrugated copper bead caps. The dangles are finished off with small corrugated copper beads, one at each end, and a wire-wrap at the top.
The ear hooks are copper and come with earnuts to help keep these earrings from slipping off your ears. The pair measures around 2 and 1/8 inches in length. Please see my photos for an illustration of the size alongside a ruler.
This is a very pretty, "elegantly boho" pair of dangles!
Because she hugs:
We adorn her neck

Hand crochet necklace


From the designer:
Glowing with Swarovski Crystals beads, the delicate beauty of these hand crochet "pendant" give this necklace a vibrant sense of style
21"long - adjustable to 22"

Great Grandma Necklace with Baby Feet in Sterling Silver, Personalized

From the designer:
This adorable necklace was originally made for a new mommy to tell her grandma the good news - that she would be a great grandma!! The 1 inch sterling silver disc is hand stamped with the words, "Great Grandma" (or any other word(s) of your choice!) We offer three types of chains - box, ball, or snake chain (see picture). All are offered in 16" or 18".

3 Strands Freshwater Pearls and Crystals Necklace and Earrings Set

Aya Designs
From the designer:
Gorgeous 3 strand all freshwater pearls in various colors. The pearls are coin pearl, Biwa pearls, round pearls, stick pearls and potato pearls. Each strand has a few Swarvoski crystals intermingled to give it a little shimmer.
Beautifully finished with Bali silver caps and toggle.
Comes with earrings.

Open Front Choker Collar Butterfly Torc Necklace Glass Butterflies

Brain of Jen
From the designer:
Handmade open front choker collar, also known as a torc necklace, copper wire wrapped with glass copper leaves and hand blown glass butterflies.
This one of a kind necklace is a perfect and elegant way to celebrate the beauty of spring! Pink and blue glass butterflies flutter through copper colored glass leaves and hand shaped copper spirals.
The necklace has an open front, resting on the back of the neck, made with flexible natural copper wire for an incredibly comfortable feel.
Originally, torc (also spelled torq or torque) necklaces were made from very rigid metals, were very heavy and meant for almost permanent wear. Popular among the Celts, most depictions of gods and goddesses in Celtic mythology show them wearing torc necklaces.
Today's torc necklaces are much more wearer friendly, like this stunning statement necklace. The copper wire can be shaped to fit how you like, and it has been given a non tarnish, clear enamel coating, so it will keep it's rich, warm color, and will not cause problems for people with metal sensitivities.
While the construction of this necklace is quite sturdy, please keep in mind that the pretty little butterflies are handmade glass, and are breakable, please handle them with care!

"Puttin on the Ritz"

Design by Chaz
From the designer:
To set off that little black dress WOW your friends with this black onyx and white druk pearl necklace and earring set. The necklace is 27" long with a 2" gold-plated extender. The strand of beads is composed of 8mm pearls with 3mm black onyx spacers. The contemporary focal fan is 6 pieces of black onyx seperated by pearls, The closure is a gold-plated lobster claw with jump ring, The dangles of the earring hangs 1 1/2 inches from the upper curve of the gold-plated ear wires. My signature seashell and dolphin icons can be found on this set.

Dream Artisan Necklace - Mixed Media - Fordite, agate, ceramic

Honey from the Bee
From the designer:
This mixed media piece is all about dreams and how they can inspire us to grow.
I created the pendant from half of a vintage buckle with a wonderful hammered texture, a small ID tag that I stamped with "Do U", a glowing faceted carnelian bead, glowing blue lampwork and a ceramic "dream" pendant from Lisa Peters. Oh... and I added 3 vintage buttons from my collection off to the side.
The necklace is made from squares of red fossilized coral agate with a pattern reminiscent of calico fabric. I added a few rare Fordite beads, because the colors were perfect. Fordite is made from layers and layers of baked paint from the automobile factories. It's a fascinating material and is known for its wonderful layers of color.
I hand-knotted waxed linen from Ireland with silver-lined blue glass beads for a comfortable line around one's neck. A vintage chain and hand-forged hook clasp completes the other side.
It's about 22 inches around, but you can shorten it by just hooking onto lower parts of the chain.
One of a kind Artisan Necklace that displays your positive side!

Scrolled Sterling and Mother of Pearl Designer Heart Necklace

Jewelry Designs by CC
From the designer:
This triple circle sterling silver chain is adorned with Pearls and Garnet drops, and falls into a gorgeous designer Mother of Pearl and Scrolled Sterling Silver Heart Pendant. I have added a lovely Sterling Silver and Pearl clasp to complement it.
Necklace Measures 22"
Pendant Measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" approx
Necklace can be adjusted up or down in size upon request.

Mermaid pendant necklace with blue lapis lazuli and sea glass gemstone 196

Seabreeze Jewels
From the designer:
Mermaid pendant necklace lapis lazuli aqua blue sea glass swarovski crystal. Handcrafted blue lapis Lazuli, rare aqua blue sea glass, swarovski crystals, Swarovski glass pearls and pewter charms. mermaids, starfish, circle, seahorse and a heart toggle clasp. This necklace Measures 18" long. The hand drilled sea glass on this necklace was handpicked in Florida. All of our items are handcrafted. This necklace would be a great addition to your jewelry collection. Sea glass is a green recycled material.
Gift: Our items are shipped in a jewelry pouch inside a gift box. Our items never include price information, you can send our items as gifts.
Created by Cindy Patrick an Award-Winning, Published Jewelry Artist, Member of the North American Seaglass Assn, Wisconsin Geological Society Member and OOAK Forum Member.
Copyright © 1995-2011 SBJ INC. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
Because she lifts us up:
We encircle her wrists

Lampwork Boro Beads Labradorite Hematine Bracelet Handmade OOAK

Shadow Dog Designs
From the designer:
SOLAR FLARE, a handmade bracelet made with gorgeous yellow and gray handmade boro glass, labradorite, hematine and sterling silver, is truly one-of-a-kind! One square and four round boro beads, made by Jim of Alaska Boro Beads, are the higlights of this bracelet. Primarily yellow, the beads also have gray and some teal coloring in them. If you look down into the beads, you will see some gray that sparkles, almost like druzy quartz crystals! Octagon shaped hematine beads frame each boro bead, along with sterling silver daisy spacers and 2mm beads. To bring out the gray and teal in the boro beads, fabulous faceted labradorite rondelles with plenty of flash (see the photos) have been used. The labradorite rondelles are truly amazing in color! A fancy sterling silver toggle clasp finishes this magnificent bracelet.

Here's the important information for SOALR FLARE:

Square boro bead: app. 13mm x 13mm
Round boro beads: app. 16mm x 8mm
Hematine: app. 6mm
Labradorite: on average: 6mm x 4mm
Metal: sterling silver
Clasp: fancy toggle clasp
Length: app 8"/20.3 cm

SOLAR FLARE will come with two informational drop tags: one with the piece's name; the other lists the materials used in the bracelet and the "language" of the stones and metals.

SOLAR FLARE definitely puts plenty of flash on your wrist!

The Red Queen Bracelet – NOT FOR SALE


From the designer:
The Queen of Hearts is a favorite Alice character of my daughter. For her 45th birthday party, she wants an Alice tea party and we all have to dress in costume. This bracelet is RESERVED for her. Please do not order. I have the components to make a similar piece, if you would like one, email me and I will have it ready. It will not be exactly like this one.

Woven Bead Bracelet, Flower, Button Closure, Turquoise, Handmade

Linda Landig Jewelry
From the designer:
This handmade woven glass bead bracelet features two shades of turquoise and finishes with a silver metal flower button clasp.
The "Meadow Stream Bracelet" is hand-woven in two layers. The bottom layer consists of dark transparent turquoise glass beads that have black highlights for a very pretty tonal quality. I then wove sky-blue turquoise beads across the top for a lovely contrast. The sky-blue turquoise has an "aurora baorealis" coating that subtly reflects the light, giving the bracelet just a hint of bling.
I used "right angle weave" to create the base of this bracelet. Right angle weave is known for its strength and its supple, almost fabric-like feel. The "Meadow Stream Bracelet" is extremely comfortable to wear. You'll reach for it often.
I used peyote stitch (also known as gourd stitch) to create the loop for the button. This stitch creates a pretty edging around the loop when it frames the button. Button clasps are supremely easy to fasten and unfasten by yourself. They stay put securely, too. Once you have tried a bracelet with a button clasp, you will surely want more! The sweet flower button can be worn on top of your wrist or under it.
**Details for the "Meadow Stream Bracelet" **
Beads: 4mm Czech glass fire polish beads
Technique: Right angle weave and peyote stitch. Woven with 6 lbs test Fireline for durability.
Length: 7.5 inches (19cm)
Handmade, artisan bracelet.
Linda Landig Artisan Jewelry
Luscious Color. Lasting Quality.

Because her heart belongs to us:
We pin our love on her chest

Brooch for Knitter, ideal knitters gift.

Blue Shed Crafts
From the designer:
Brooch for Knitter, ideal knitters gift.
Hand knitted fabric.
Knitting Pins constructed carefully by hand.
Hand assembled with care so that the little ball of yarn will not come unravelled and neither will the knitting.
A must have for any 'knitting nut' either to wear on favourite garment or on their knitting bag.
Silver coloured bar pin.
No two are identical. The one pictured here is the actual one you will receive.
Measures approximately 2.5 inches/6 cms by 1 inch /2.5 cms
You will receive ONE Pin / Brooch as shown in main picture.

Brooch and Pendant combination


From the designer:
This is a Brooch / Pendant Combination. The pin on the back has a bail attached(see photos) It can be one of three things, combination brooch/pendant, pendant only or a brooch. Please let me know on checkout which you would prefer.
This is a filigree flower base with Polymer clay petals in colors of a amazing yellow orange, and a swarovski crystal in the color of fire opal and a bronze flower bead cap in the center. I Made a dangle rose bud added mixed elements of metals and fire opal swarovski crystals and golden pearls for pretty details. It is a lovely piece and is lightweight. you can put it on any necklace or as a pin on any type of blouse, sweater or jacket, The pins I use are top quality.
Every artist in these selections has hundreds of other choices for every mother’s taste. Please feel free to visit each one and select something any mother would love.
There is still one more installment in the history of Mother’s Day to follow. Stay tuned for the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say. For those of you too young to remember, he used to save the best for last. :)
©2012 jcleveland for Checked In Today! guild.

16 April 2012

Mother’s Day – Dress Her to the Nines

The ancient Egyptians held their annual festival to honor the goddess, Isis, who was the mother of the pharaohs. She was adorned with a crown of bull horns and a fiery sun orb. She was normally depicted seated on a throne.

The ancient Romans also celebrated the festival of Isis and used this festival to mark the beginning of Winter. Although Isis was Egyptian, the Romans decided they liked her looks and took three days to celebrate their appreciation for her. It also involved female dancers, musicians and singers. Any excuse to get the ladies to dance and knowing the Romans, it is a safe bet that there was a lot of jingling going on. Toga! Toga! Toga!

The Romans did celebrate a Mother’s Day of sorts, with the celebration of their Great Mother, the Phyrgian goddess Cybele. She is the equivalent of the Greek Goddess Rhea. Rhea was the mother of most of the Roman gods, including Zeus. She was the center of the festival celebrating her motherhood, which took place around the Vernal Equinox.

Cybele was the mother deity celebrated in Rome and Asia Minor. She was similar to the Greek Rhea. Most societies worshipped some sort of mother goddess in their celebrations and rituals.

Some celebrations were so out-of-hand that they were either banned or discouraged. Wild dancing, debauchery and drunkenness were the hallmark of many of these parties. Maybe frat parties were the off-shoot of goddess celebrations.

But for every wild party, there were more sedate and conservative celebrations where the goddess was worshipped and honored with honey cakes and sharing flowers with each other. These conservative celebrations were also in Asia Minor and Rome. Guess, it just depended on which side of town you lived on, or if you were a pledge of Delta Tau Chi House.

The Roman and Greek festivals all fell around the same time every year, mid-March. There were parades, parties and the goddess was at the head of the parade. In addition to the parades and parties, there were Olympic type games and there was an arts and crafts display. 

In every parade, whether viewing or participating, moms, or the goddesses, want to be dressed up elaborately and beautifully. The Checked In Today! Artfire Guild has some beautiful arts and crafts on display that would make mom look lovely.

From head to toe, give mom the look of a goddess.



Hand Knitted Small Light Sage Monet Slippers for Women or Teens


From the designer:

Light Sage Monet slippers
Size Small
These fit shoe size 5 to 7.
These slippers are made with 2 skeins of yarn to make them more durable.
When knitting slippers I set the pattern so that the heel is different from toes. Heel area is straight knit except one stitch that frames bottom from sides. Toe area is stockinette stitch. Gives slippers a unique look.




Feminine Floral Personal Planner Wallet or Organizer in Mint and Pink


From the designer:

have two available and they both have the same fabric, pink rosebuds and floral trellis, but the fabrics are used in different places. Both 4 1/2 inch by 7 inch planners close with a fabric loop going around a heart button. On the inside you will find a ballerina calendar for 2012 and 2013, a memo pad, and pen. (The pad and pen may vary from the picture.) There is even a small pocket inside for business cards. The planner wallets of my own design were made in my smokefree home and are ready to ship.
Be sure to look in my studio for the matching purse and other charming things. This would make a great addition to an Easter basket or a Mother's Day gift.




Fingerless Gloves and Hat Alpaca Blend Crocheted Set Ladies SmallMedi


From the designer:

This is a handmade hat and fingerless gloves set.
I crocheted these in Andes Alpaca yarn. The yarn is an alpaca blend, that is 70% acrylic and 30% alpaca.
The color is "biscuit".
The fingerless gloves are 7" long.
Machine or hand wash separately in cold water. Air dry or machine dry on lowest heat JUST until dry.



Knit Ruffle Scarf in Rust Tones

Brenda’s Craft Store

From the designer:

This knitted ruffled scarf has beautiful deep rust/orange hues with some maroon color mixed in along with metallic highlights. Cameras and computer monitors don't do it justice. I've knitted it with a soft, mesh type yarn that creates a ruffled effect as you knit. This is a must have fashion accessory!
The scarf is 4 1/2" wide by 52" long.
Care instructions: hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.




Blue Fun Fur Crochet Slippers


From the designer:

These slippers are made with acrylic yarn and Fun Fur for a special look while keeping your tootsies cozy! These are a change of pace from a normal everyday slipper. Give your feet a bit of Pizazz while staying warm!





Handknit Blue Hoodie

Purple Pup

From the designer:

This cozy hoodie was handknit using two strands of yarn, one dark blue and the other a tweedy mix of bright blue/white/purple. It is thick and cosy - a great warm addition to your wardrobe, ideal to wear with jeans when going for a stroll, shopping, picking up the kids, for stowing in your weekend travel bag, or for walking the dog (check out the matching dog coat in my handknit dog coats section!)
The hood is roomy, there is a frontal lacy fastening, and a built-in hand-muff to keep your fingers warm when there's a cool breeze.
This measures 38" around the chest, 22" from neck to hem, and 25 from the neck along the shoulder and down the arm.





Floral Fabric Purse

Sieber Designs

From the designer:

Floral Fabric Purse measures approximately:
9" across the top
10" top to bottom
10.5" across the bottom
3" depth
3.5" base
2 - 29" straps with 14.5" drop
*Please note measurements to make sure that they suit your purposes*
Pieces of beautiful floral fabrics with backgrounds in Pink, Purple and Yellow were used to create this fun "Green friendly" purse. The front, back and closure were completely machine pieced together using a zig zag stitch with yellow cotton thread. The straps were both made from two of the fabrics, 1/2 blue and 1/2 purple. The inside lining and pockets were made from coordinating fabrics.
Pockets were added to the lining to hold the little things that you might need (store discount cards, hand sanitizer etc.). The closure goes from the top/back of the purse to the front and attaches with magnet. A handmade fabric covered button in a coordinating fabric was used to decorate the closure.





Mother of pearl flower handmade bobby pins silver plate

Wings of Flutter

From the designer:

Pretty up your hair this summer with this precious pair of handmade flower bobby pins. The white flowers are upcycled vintage mother of pearl earrings and are attached to 2 inch bobby pins that are silver plated. Each flower measures .50 inches.
Wouldn't these look lovely with a sundress and sandals? How about a tee shirt, shorts, and flip flops? A perfect accessory for the warm sunny months!



When dressing mom from head to toe, you cannot forget her ears, neck and arms, which we will adorn in the next segment of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

12 April 2012

Mother’s Day – Surround Her in Style

Just because the United States was not in the Mothering Day mood during the 1800s, does not mean that Mothers were not being recognized in other places.

The Catholic church declared a Mothering Day, which would fall on the fourth Sunday Lent and the early Christians used the day to honor the Mother Church from which they were baptized. These parishioners offered flowers, gifts, jewels and fragrances. They probably did not offer bath bombs or shower gels.

The Mothering Day that began in the 1600s was based on a clerical decree in England that decided that all mothers should be honored, not the Mother Church, so this became a working class holiday. It was also a holiday that allowed for families to get together and break the fast of Lent and enjoy a family meal. Many family members were working as servants and trade workers or apprentices in distant towns. Servants were needed for castles, mansions and manors.

Mothering Day was a time when these family members were allowed to travel home and have dinner with mom. A lot like when we take Mom to Applebees for dinner on Mother’s Day. Mom was the guest of honor and family members brought her gifts and cake. Don’t forget cake. Moms like cake. Preferably red velvet.

The most popular cake in those days was the Simnel cake, which servants were allowed to bake to take to mom. This cake is a fruit cake that is topped with 11 marizpan balls, which is to signify the 12 apostles, minus Judas.

The United Kingdom started to let Mothering Day fall by the wayside in the 20s and 30s and it all but disappeared. When World War II came around, many homesick soldiers began to pine for their moms and rekindled the United Kingdom’s previous Mothering Day interest. The United Kingdom once again began to celebrate Mothering Day, but unlike the United States, the United Kingdom has retained the fourth Sunday of Lent as their Mothering Day.

While you cannot get cake from these Artfire Checked In Today! guild members, you can surround mom with wonderful glassware and wall art that will remind her that you cared enough to honor the tradition of Mothering Day and present her with gifts.

Do not make her cook, fill her glass, put cake on the plate and honor your mom. Fix her a plate of cake and a MomTini.

Here are some gift suggestions for Mom.




Blue Wooden Roses with Stems

Accents and Petals

From the designer:

We can custom make them in your colors.
You will receive 24 wooden assorted blue roses with stems. Great as wedding or any occasion decoration.
Diameter of rose : 2 inches
Length of Stem : 8 inches


Calico Hearts watercolor hearts in delicate pastel ditzy patterns


From the designer:

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Calico Hearts watercolor hearts in delicate pastel ditzy patterns
©2011 Amy-Elyse Neer
4" x 5" Watercolor on 140lb hot press paper
Ships uninsured and unframed
This listing is for the watercolor original,


Martini Glasses, Hand painted Tini Mamas


From the designer:

"Tini Mamas" are hand painted on a 7.5 oz/ 222ML Martini glass. The perfect gift and sure to be the talk of any gathering! Very cute with heart shaped lips.
This set includes
Tini Mamas' with:
Black hair, gold streaks, and light brown eyes.
Gold hair and blue eyes
Copper hair and green eyes
Silver hair and blue eyes
Price is for a set of 4.


Flies with the Owls by Jeanne Fry

Conscious Art Studios

From the designer:

She Flies with the Owls is an original painting by Jeanne Fry. It is an acrylic on canvas and sealed with satin finish. Measures 18 inches x 25 inches and is ready to hang.
Copyright Jeanne Fry. All Rights Reserved.


Fenton Green Opalescent Grape and Cable Collectible Vintage Glass Bowl

Lilacs and Dreams

From the studio owner:

Fenton Green Opalescent Grape and Cable Collectible Glass Bowl with a thumbprint design is in excellent condition. Measures about 10-1/4 inch diameter, 4-3/8 inch tall, and 4 inches deep. Ruffled, fluted rim. Has a thumbprint pattern around the base of the bowl. Is marked on bottom with Fenton cursive signature, number 8 below it, and this is circled with an oval shape. I am not finding any flaws with it, no cracks, no chips, no bites, no scratches. I see maybe about 4 bubbles within the glass which is not uncommon to find for glass pieces. Pictures, and words do not do this piece justice. Please make sure to see all the pictures, and read everything following some of the history, and research of this beautiful piece.


Love letters original art mixed media vintage photos 9 by 12 inch

Midwestie Lady

From the designer:

Love letters and vintage photos create this original mixed media art on a 9" x 12" gallery wrapped canvas with 3/4" sides. This original art has textures, fabrics and colors mixed with prints of vintage photos.
Anyone who has ever sent or received letters and cards filled with love will appreciate this art titled "Love Letter Memories."
The canvas was painted, layered with printed papers, and covered with pink netting. The authentic envelopes in the upper left corner are dated 1931 from San Francisco and 1941 from Glen Ridge, New Jersey. The valentine is a color copy of a vintage one. The man's photo is backed with fabric and placed under the netting. The beautiful young woman's photo is backed with fabric and accented with beautiful lace. The one inch wood pieces in the lower right are covered with a piece from an authentic vintage envelope dated 1920 from Ottumwa, Iowa, and a drawing with the word "love."
I designed this original mixed media art to be a beautiful addition to any home. "Love Letter Memories" will make the perfect birthday, anniversary, wedding or shower gift too. The sides are painted, so this original beautiful art is ready to hang on a wall or be displayed on a favorite easel.
Only high quality acrylics were used in this art. This art will be signed and dated on the back.


Family fun - original painting of children in summer


From the designer:

This lovely family was having a fun time on a hot summer afternoon and the lighting was just perfect to paint them!
This original painting measures 4 by 12 inches and has been done in Oils. The sides are painted and it does not need a frame. It will of course look great if framed and I am very happy to offer you suggestions. Do ping me.
This is a part of my series titled "Impressions of a European Summer", where I capture my own little piece of sunshine with colors


Dessert Plates

Petit Poulailler

From the studio owner:

2 Chastagner Limoges Porcelain Butterfly Luncheon or Dessert Plates
Beautiful, delicately hand-painted porcelain plate from Chastagner Limoges France, dating to the early 1970's in their discontinued pattern "CNR10, Butterflies, Embossed Rim, Scalloped".
Three sweet hand-painted butterflies with their wings delicately open against a creamy white porcelain. The edging is scalloped ~ lacy, embossed ... swirled as if in motion.
The colors are bright and lovely; the plate finish is clear and smooth.
Use as a dessert plate, an accent plate on your table or perhaps on your dresser or your powder room vanity counter. These are lovely small plates that will delight you each day.


Picking Toadstools Mixed Media Miniature - Pink Teal Silver Glitter

Pin and Tack

From the designer:

This piece is a wicker basket filled with natural moss & vintage mushrooms - a whimsical delight!
{ what you will receive }
ONE (1) toadstool basket:
- Approximately 2.5"x2" (including handle.)
- Toadstools are made of wood & painted, glittered by hand.
Original handcrafted delight made at my art studio in beautiful Oregon.


Quilled Sunflower and Mountains 16x20 OOAK

Quilling by Sandra White

From the designer:

This is my Quilled Sunflower and Mountains and it is a one of a kind piece, handcrafted by me in my New Hampshire studio.
It is my original design. It is a 16" x 20" quilled and custom framed piece. It is triple matted and framed in a black frame.


Glass Cocktail Stirrers Swivel Sticks 9 sticks 1 mini spoon or Muddler

Raige Creations

From the studio owner:

Set of 9 Vintage clear glass stirrers or swivel sticks with a mini sugar (salt?) spoon, or perhaps it is a Muddler, is a classy addition to your vintage bar.
There are 4 thicker sticks, measuring 5mm (1/4 inch) thick and 5 slightly thinner sticks measuring 4 mm (just under 1/4 inch). All the sticks are 13 cm long (5 1/8 inches). The mini spoon or Muddler is 5mm thick (1/4 inch) and 10.2 cm long (4 inches).
The set is estimated to be from the 1950's, though not certain exactly what year. The glass in the first picture is not included.


In our Home...We are Family Word Art Home Decor Wood Sign

Signs of Elegance

From the designer:

In our Home...We are Family Word Art Home Decor Wood Sign shows us what families 'do'!
This sign would make a thoughtful housewarming gift!
Shown here with black background and antique white lettering with aqua blue accents
Want another color scheme? No problem!
Natural wood markings, grain, and knots etc. may show, and add character to each sign.
Each sign has a sawtooth hanger attached for easy hanging. Since this sign is hand painted~~ no two will be exactly alike!
This sign measures approximately 11-1/4" x 24" x 3/4".


Art Glass Large Wall Pocket Vase, Handmade Pink Flowers with 22k Gold

Steider Studios

From the designer:

Adorn your wall with this exquisite handmade art deco shaped glass wall pocket vase. Pink flowers and 22k gold add sophisticated whimsey to it's larger size that accommodates fresh flowers. Place it anywhere you need a focal point.
My wall pockets are designed to hold water, and hang on your wall with sturdy copper wire hangers. Measuring approximately 16" long, including the copper hanger, and 8" wide; the opening is 3/8" wide.
Looking for holiday gifts? My art glass Wall Pockets would be the ultimate gift for an avid gardener. I know because I AM an avid gardener and I would love to keep it!
Whether you choose to use fresh, dried or silk flowers, an arrangement in this vase looks amazing!


Wooden Bowl Handmade

Steve Pritchard Woodturning

From the designer:

This hand turned wooden bowl is made from an ornamental pear (Bradford) that was taken down due to storm damage. It has three decorative rings in the rim. The outside has been painted with milk paint and it has a food-safe oil finish.
This bowl is new, but it has been made to look used. I painted it with several coats of salmon red milk paint and then several coats of green milk paint. Once the paint was completely dry, I sanded the bowl again. This caused the red undercoat to show through making the bowl appear used.


Red, Blue & Black Confetti Large Fused Glass Party Bowl, Heavy Base

Wian Studios

From the designer:

Lots of Red, White, Blue and Black accents make this large bowl fun and useful! A bright and wonderful bowl to hold food, candy, ornaments, flowers and much more.
This piece has been properly fused and annealed for long and dependable use. It's 11" across, 3" deep, and weighs just under 4 lbs before packing. This is a substantial and solid Bowl.
Even though it's been fired to 1500 degrees, I don't think I'd put it in the oven or microwave, though it should be just fine in the dishwasher.


Primitive Wood Blue Cabinet Heart Flowers SHAB Cottage Shelf Screen

Woodyswag Recycle 4U

From the designer:

Wall or display cabinet with hand painted sunflowers.
Ok, I have no idea if someone married pieces together for this or if it was like this from the beginning. Painted, distressed, has screen added on door, very primitive on painting.
Really cute for a kitchen, bath, bedroom or office. These is a piece of wood chipped off on top corner. Doesn't take away from this terrific primitive, shabby, country, cottage look. Don't you love the blue paint.
From an Estate sale in the middle of Missouri Amish Country. The paint and design does look older.
Condition, good vintage condition.
It is primitive, and would look great in your home or business. Hang it up.
Height approximate: 15 1/2 inch by 12 1/2 inch
This is a must for you primitive shabby collectors.



Surround mom with any one of these wonderfully unique and beautiful creations.

Next, we take a look at more of the history of Mothering Day and dress mom up for her special day.

08 April 2012

Mother’s Day Gifts – Set the Mood

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the Checked In Today! Guild has a wide variety of items that are perfect for anyone’s mother, sister, grandmother, mother-in-law or aunt.

Traditionally, the honoring of Mothers goes back to the origin of man. Honor thy father and mother is one of the commandments and the Egyptians honored the Goddess Isis.

For a long time, there was no celebration in the United States, thanks to relocation, time constraints and grumpy settlers.

Julia Ward Howe penned The Battle Hymn of the Republic and then 12 years later, beseeched mothers to unite and help put an end to the Civil War. She believed that only women had the power to bring men to their senses - - no offense gentlemen, but you were rather busy poking each other’s eyes out.

Unfortunately for Ms. Howe, the holiday did not catch on that time around and the United States continued to be motherless.

Mom's everywhere spend their time raising children, wiping noses, feet and unknown objects from kids and husbands. Dogs, cats and guinea pigs seem to find their way into mom’s every day life as well.

Because mothers spend much of their time with crusted cereal, droopy underpants and in other less aromatic places, we thought mothers should be surrounded by hot bubble baths, scented lotions and soothing candles.

Mothers everywhere, old and young, will enjoy these gift ideas. It does not matter if the mother is surrounded by poopy pants or only laughs now at those days, she still will enjoy a hot soak in a warm bubbly bath with lighted candles.


First on our gift list is this lovely soap with a beach scent in a soothing blue for the calming of the spirit. Inside the center of this olive oil and avocado based soap is a genuine clear quartz crystal which is perfect for meditating.


Beach Breeze Scented Soap with a Crystal Energy Core

Bird in a Tree Creations

From the designer:

This is a 4 oz. soap containing a clear quartz crystal. When you are finished using it you have a crystal with which you can meditate. It is made from olive oil and avocado soap base. This is Beach Breeze scent from Brambleberry.
It evokes thoughts of a tropical paradise. This complex, sophisticated fragrance is actually a light Ocean-type scent. It has top notes of Bergamot and Cyclamen (a flower with a "white" scent), middle notes of Lilac, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley and rounds down to the mellow notes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk.
This super yummy smelling soap comes with a tag explaining the properties of clear quartz.


Next on our gift list is luxurious body lotion with shea butter for silky smooth skin and a pampered sensation.

Body Lotion Princess Scented Body Lotion Silk Shea Butter

Cedar Creek Soaps

From the designer:

Body Lotion Princess Scented Body Lotion Silk Shea Butter. Princess celebrates youth and femininity in its top notes that bring the aquatic nuances with pure and sharp notes of water lily, apple, freshly-sweet mandarin and apricot. Our Princess is similar to Princess by Vera Wang.
My body lotion is made with a luxurious high end feel you would expect from an international cosmetics company. Avocado Oil, Jojoba and Aloe Vera closely matches skin make-up, able to help repair damage. Shea Butter plus Silk Amino Acids give emolience and a nice after feel. Vitamins and Grapeseed Oil help as anti- oxidants and protect the skin.
You will receive a 6 oz flip spout top bottle filled with this wonderful lotion.


Lavender soothes the soul and brings inner peace and calm to a frazzled mom.

Lavender Lemon Handmade Soap Bar with Avocado Oil Artisan Cold Process

Dogwood Rose

From the designer:

Lemon Lavender Handmade Soap is enriched with extra avocado oil for its skin softening properties. The pure lemon essential oil adds a bright, citrus note to the popular lavender aroma (pure lavender essential oil).
Each of my soaps are superfatted, this means that my formulas contain more oils and butters than are required to create the soap. Superfatted soap is mild and more moisturizing than commercially made soap. I use the cold process method, and make everything myself in small batches in my home.
{selected ingredients:}
Avocado Oil - is rich in rich in vitamins A, D and E, lecithin, potassium, protein and amino acids. Your skin absorbs this oil with all of its benefits easily, it quickly gets down to the tissue cells where it can do the most good. Avocado oil is great at soothing and softening dry or irritated skin.
Olive Oil - acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin while also preventing the internal moisture from being lost to the atmosphere.


Lavender works just as well in candle form for adding the soothing scent throughout the house. It is hard to stress when you are bathed in the luxurious lavender scents.

Amber Lavender Soy Candle 16 oz

E-Soy Candles

From the designer:

A wonderful blend of amber and lavender.




For the spicy nights, add a little patchouli to the lavender for that smoky sexy scent.

Lavender & Patchouli Goat Milk Soap

Homemaid Expressions

From the designer:

This Lavender & Patchouli Goat Milk Soap is handcrafted in the traditional cold process method. We use only goat milk-no water or powdered milk. The wonderful, moisturizing capabilities of goat milk make this soap excellent for anyone with dry, itchy or irritated skin.
In addition to goat milk, we use a combination of olive, coconut and palm oils-no lard, partially hydrogenated soybean oil or animal tallow. The soap is scented with pure essential oils. These ingredients produce a wonderful soap you are sure to love!


A soothing lavender and white candle holder adds a touch of exotic to the bathroom while enjoying whatever scent you decide to add to the candle holder.

Candle Holder Polymer Clay Purple Green White Blossom


From the designer:

This purple and green polymer clay blossom candle holder is gorgeous!
It was made by covering a glass candle holder with about 25 clay petals and leaves, textured and sculpted, in green, white and two shades of purple. Everything has been dusted over with mica powders for an extra shimmer.
A votive candle is included.
Candle holder measures approximately 4 inches wide by 3 inches tall.



Jasmine brings the exotic to the bath. Tropical nights in a paradise filled with fragrant flowers, babbling parrots and chirping tree frogs will send mom far from the hectic day to day business of home life. Give her the tropics.

Aromatherapy Bath Salts Jasmine & Chamomile

Lather Rinse Clean

From the designer:

♥1/2 lb of bath salts♥
Made with jasmine essential oil & chamomile flowers and a custom blend of five salts.
♥100% natural ingredients
♥No preservatives
♥No dyes
♥These bath salts are great for ~depression, dry skin, exhaustion, and sensitive skin.
Add desired amount to running bath water



She is the queen of your heart and the castle and mom deserves to know that she is in your heart. These soaps will remind her that you love her. They will also get her really clean and her skin soft.

Two Glycerin Soaps Queen of Hearts Red Heart Pink Soap Handmade Soaps

Lucky Lucky Neko

From the designer:

Two Glycerin Soaps Queen of Hearts Red Heart Pink Soap Handmade Soaps
Blame it on a friend who'd been listening to Juice Newton. These soaps feature two red heart cutouts floating in a sea of pale pink with a touch of glitter. Scented with delicious and sweet Apple Blossom fragrance, this soap is sure to bring a smile to the queen of your heart.

Each bar of soap weighs approximately 5 ounces.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate, Soy Bean Protein, Fragrance, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Fiery Fuschia (Water, D&C Red #33, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol), Ruby Red (Water, FD&C Red #40, D&C Red #30, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol), Mica, Glitter


The exotic is at hand with these heavy sultry scented candles in musky scents that are smoky and sexy. Mom will love these candles whether soaking in a hot tub of bubbles or enjoying a glass of wine and time alone.

Homemade Scented Soy Candle Votives, Queen of D Nile Scent


From the designer:

QUEEN OF D NILE Scented Soy Votives, Homemade, 2 Ounce
Exotic and alluring! Can you say Vaa Vaa Vaa Vvoom!? Yes! That is what you will think when you smell Queen of D Nile! This is very similar to Egyptian Dragon. Truly mesmerizing with notes of warm amber, frankincense, and myrrh with hints of patchouli, musk enhanced with notes of vanilla. Very intense and intriguing!



Nothing says love like roses and these roses are easy to keep. Mom can open up a bouquet of red roses anytime she desires. Curling up with a good book after everyone is down for their naps and enjoying a heady bouquet of roses is sure to sooth her mood and bring her joy.

Roses Without The Thorns Clamshell Tart

Old Dominion Scents

From the designer:

It's like a cold, wet rose on a dewy morning.
Our clamshell packs each come with 6 breakaway tarts weighing 2.4 oz total and last 50-70 hours.



You have to love anything with the word BOMB in it, whether it is a bath bomb or a gnosh bomb. Bombs just mean good ol’ plain fun. These bath bombs will get mom back in the mood and they smell like – CUPCAKES! Careful, those kiddies might think mom smells too good.

Cupcake Scented Super Sized Bath Bomb

Wildly American Soap Company

From the designer:

This is a super sized bath bomb weighing in over 13 ounces! The bath bombs will arrive in two pieces so that you can get two uses per bath bomb.
Cupcake bath bombs smell wonderfully close to the real thing. It's like jumping into a tub of freshly baked and frosted cupcakes. These would be a great treat for Easter when you want to give something sweet.
We use aluminum free baking soda in our formulations.



These Mother’s Day gifts are the first in a series of gift ideas that will be written to get you ready for Mother’s Day.

Mark your calendar, Mother’s Day – USA is May 13th this year.

Checked In Today! Guild