27 November 2012

Flowers Bloom in Gina’s Corner

Flowers bloom from every corner of Gina’s Corner Crafts as Gina, owner and designer, creates lasting blooms that she uses to adorn her jewelry, home decor and personal apparel. Gina has been creating blooms since 1990 where she was a part of the Northwest craft culture. Her blossoms are constructed from the shavings of pencils and she lovingly spins them into multicolored petals that she then attaches to other objects to make them works of wearable art.

In addition to the flowers, she enjoys reconstructing vintage finds into new jewelry. She hunts down vintage jewelry in yard sales, flea markets and other areas that may hold treasures that she can deconstruct and then reassemble into a new vintage piece of art. She has also tried her hand at ceramics and is not afraid to try different creative avenues to explore.

“My favorite material is jewelry pieces that I try to use with my flowers, soft leathers and cloths. I still love taking jewelry apart and saving the pieces for later use,” Gina said. “I enjoy soft leather and cloth because my flowers just seem to mold into the material.”

Brooch /Hat Pin Gem Stones/Center Pencil Shaving

From the designer:

This gorgeous bright brooch will also look great as a hat pin. It is gold toned and has eight gem stones of beautiful effervescent colors of light blue, darker blue, pink, topaz, green, rose, violent, and light yellow.
In the center of the brooch/hat pin I have placed my "one of a kind" flowers made from pencil shavings. It's a small bud of pink with purple swirls.
This piece really stands out and shines, and would look great with any of your outfits. It's approximately 5"


Project planning involves the creation of the flowers in order to make them sturdy and then discovering what bits and pieces she may have that will make a complimentary piece. Gina finds that her ideas come to her from determining how she can incorporate a flower into something that she has seen. She spends a lot of time scrutinizing colors and works hard to find the right colors to accent her flowers.

“I have taken a lot of time with this one-of-a-kind piece. I picked up each finished flower and placed it on there, to see which one would look the best. I took a lot of time choosing the the color of the beads to see which one would look good with my flower. Those jewelry pieces I have placed went through a lot of scrutiny, and I went through every bottle to see what piece would look the best,” Gina said of the care she puts into the creation of her pieces.

Gina loves to combine colors to see what combinations can be mixed and matched. She enjoys experimenting with the different flowers she can create, but hates the glue. If she could, she would hire someone to glue her beads, do her supply shopping and take the photos for her.

Her necklaces are her favorite, but she has not added many to her studio.

Necklace/Pendant 9'Gold Toned Chain/Pencil Shaving Flower

From the designer:

This beautiful unique necklace is 9" long with three gold toned chains on each side.
What makes it so unique and a "one of a kind", is the flower in the center that I created from pencil shavings.
The pencil shaving flower is 3", and on the outer flower the color is black, trimmed in purple. The inside of the flower is pink scalloped with dark purple edges.
I placed a red and gold bead in the center of the pink scalloped part.
This piece of jewelry is so lovely and delicate looking, and would look great with any outfit you wear. Black, purple, pink or red, it will add a certain flair.
It would make a wonderful gift. Guaranteed no one will have anything like it!


Gina’s flowers bloom in more places than jewelry.

Coffee Cup And Saucer Wall Hanging Decor/Flowers From Pencil shavings

From the designer:

This cute and adorable cup and saucer hangs on your wall and adds color to any of your decor.
It measures 5"x8", and in the center of the cup it has a braided look with tan colors.
The cup and saucer is a deep red in color, and I have placed three of my "one of a kind" flowers I created from pencil shavings along with some floral sprigs.
Two of the flowers are tan with colorful swirls in the center of deep orange, dark red, and touches of blue. The biggest flower is 3" and has a very pretty orange center bead.
The other flower is red and tan swirls with a center bead of fuchsia pink.



Gina works full time at her craft and spends most days creating new flowers and searching for complimentary pieces to go with those flowers. While watching TV, she has been known to be sharpening her pencils in preparation for an evening of creating. Her perfect day may be spent sitting all day and just creating flowers.

In addition to building her flower creations, she spends time learning the ins and outs of selling online as this is her first venture into online selling. While in Oregon, she was selling at a local market, but this was before she really had a grasp on her flower art. Now, she is located in Kentucky and has a limited selection of local places to sell. When she sold in Oregon, she was in a corner, so she decided to keep the corner in her name and add her first name. She has not given up on selling at festivals or markets; she just needs to find the right one.


Pig In A Wicker Basket Red Lace And Flower Made From Pencil Shavings

From the designer:

This pig is just too cute and adorable! It is very heavy and made from Plaster Of Paris.
It would look so sweet in front of a fire place or anywhere you decided to place her.
It has light pink throughout with a pink snout, and is lying in a brown wicker basket with green grass.
It measures 12" long and I placed a red lace bow around the neck, with my "one of a kind" flower I made from pencil shavings.
The flower is black on the outer part, and green scalloped in the center, with tinges of dark maroon.
My pencil shaving flower is 3" in diameter. For sure a "one of a kind" pig.



When Gina is not in her studio, you can find her out about enjoying nature. She loves to rock hound looking for minerals and has a rock garden filled with rocks from all over the United States. She enjoys the water and could sit and watch the waves hit the rocks for hours on end. She may miss the Oregon coast, but the Kentucky parks contain waterfalls and wooded trails for her to enjoy. She is inspired by nature and other artists who do unique crafts. Gina would love to work in glass if she could try any other craft. “I love the look of glass work, and I’ve never tried my hand at it yet,” she said.

White Knit Headband/Pencil Shaving Flowers


From the designer:

I have created a "one of a kind" women or teen headband decorated with three small red feathers with delicate touches of black in them, and one larger black and white feather.
In the center of the feathers I have put one of my flowers created from pencil shavings.
The flower in the center is a pretty bright yellow and red, with tinges of lime green around the edges.
This head band is very colorful and will look so cute with any outfit, especially one of your favorite black or red pieces.
Guaranteed no one will have one like it!


Gina can be found on Artfire GinasCornerCrafts

Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/Ginascornercrafts

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HomeCraftedItems

and her website http://ginascornercrafts.com/


  1. Fascinating! I have been enthralled with Gina's flowers since first seeing them in a Countdown to Christmas collection. Was wondering how she made them - and now I have more insight! Best wishes to you, Gina. Peace and joy . . . Catherine

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about me. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate it very much!

    And, thank you ShadowDogDesigns for letting me know you enjoy my flower

  3. A Very cool thing to do with pencil shavings~ Wow. Thanks for the story.


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