10 October 2012

How Do You Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season?

J0382925I thought I would start a list of things to do to prepare you and your studio for the shopping season.

This season is going to be upon us quicker than we realize, as we tend to lose track of time when we are busy creating, promoting and doing all the things necessary to run our studios.

I started my preparation two weeks ago, quite by accident. Someone posted something about holiday shipping and I immediately had this deer in the headlights look. My mind completely snapped and fizzed as I thought of all the things that I needed to do to get ready. Never mind, creating new items for the holidays, just the little things!

So, I started a list and decided to post it in order for all of us to add to it and use it as a check list to prepare for the holidays.

Please, jump in and add anything you can think of that we need to do to get ready for our busiest season, since it can start any day.

1- Order boxes and shipping supplies, like labels

2- Stock up on thank you cards and other box stuffers

3- Buy more business cards and post cards for customers

4- Stock up on ink for the printer

5- Stock up on tape, paper and other office supplies

6- Set up a shipping area

7- Create price points for your studio

8- Set up advertising on blogs or Project Wonderful for the holidays

9- Share small blog posts

10- Stock up on bags and other storage


Share yours in the comment section and we will compile a doc for both Facebook and the Guild Forum. 


  1. Great ideas! The thought of Christmas looming so closely struck me last week. Have been busily ordering supplies for a (hopefully) busy online season and for holiday shows. Thanks, Julie!

  2. If you do holiday shows, make sure to have order forms on hand if you sell products that can be made-to-order (alternate color schemes, personalization, different metal finish, etc.).

  3. I have plenty of inventory and listing more almost every day. I have plenty of handmade jewelry bags for you folks who sell jewelry!

    Have new ink cartridges...just in case.

    Have a craft show lined up.

    I am ready for the lovely litlle Sales Dairy! LOL



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