31 October 2012

The Blu Print: On the Sixth Day of Christmas

The Blu Print: On the Sixth Day of Christmas: My true love gave to me …………….. Six Geese a Laying …. Quack, Honk, nests, wings, feathers, barnyards and egg shaped goodies are complime...

24 October 2012

23 October 2012

22 October 2012

10 October 2012

How Do You Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season?

J0382925I thought I would start a list of things to do to prepare you and your studio for the shopping season.

This season is going to be upon us quicker than we realize, as we tend to lose track of time when we are busy creating, promoting and doing all the things necessary to run our studios.

I started my preparation two weeks ago, quite by accident. Someone posted something about holiday shipping and I immediately had this deer in the headlights look. My mind completely snapped and fizzed as I thought of all the things that I needed to do to get ready. Never mind, creating new items for the holidays, just the little things!

So, I started a list and decided to post it in order for all of us to add to it and use it as a check list to prepare for the holidays.

Please, jump in and add anything you can think of that we need to do to get ready for our busiest season, since it can start any day.

1- Order boxes and shipping supplies, like labels

2- Stock up on thank you cards and other box stuffers

3- Buy more business cards and post cards for customers

4- Stock up on ink for the printer

5- Stock up on tape, paper and other office supplies

6- Set up a shipping area

7- Create price points for your studio

8- Set up advertising on blogs or Project Wonderful for the holidays

9- Share small blog posts

10- Stock up on bags and other storage


Share yours in the comment section and we will compile a doc for both Facebook and the Guild Forum. 

08 October 2012

All That Glitters is Gold – Gold Records, That is

While some may not know what it was like to live as a flower child, they certainly know the effect the 60s had on the culture, history and in some cases, their parents. The 60s was both interesting and exciting, depending on which side of the peace signs you were standing on.

For Mary Cherry, owner of GlitterFX, the 60s was filled with wild colors and a vivid imagination. Born artistic, Mary culled her creativity with crayons and paper. When she wanted something new, she learned to make it, be it a dress or a doll dress. She began sewing her own doll clothes when she was 10 and her mother taught her how to knit around the same age.

“My knitting talent was generally limited to afghans and scarves,” Mary said, although she did make her own rag dolls that she dressed in vintage clothing and shoes.

Her love for the vintage includes her desire to express her creativity by incorporating all things vintage into her art. She has a passion for all things shiny, and glitter certainly fills that bill.

“I work full-time as a Traffic & Logistics Supervisor for the largest construction company in the world on their largest nuclear project, so I spend very stressful days arranging trucks and working the truck drivers, so I need to have something very girly, fun and sparkly to do with my free time,” Mary explained.

Mary’s sparkly art combines glitter and vintage, in that she glitters vinyl record album covers and frames them for all those who have a love of music and nostalgia.

“What I do is enhance the beauty of both vintage record albums and vintage inspired posters,” Mary said, “I try to leave the integrity of the original items, but sue an eye to enhance their beauty with glitter to make them a conversation piece and keepsake as well.”

Mary said her favorite was the More of the Monkees album since she has been a fan since 66 and looking at the album brings back great memories. She plans her projects based upon the album at hand and the mood that she is in. Since these albums evoke memories in both her and her buyers, these record albums are special to both buyer and seller.

Glittered record album The Monkees

Glitter is not all that is included in these vintage albums, Mary also includes the actual vinyl disk. These albums are framed in a plexiglass clip frame that allows the back of the album to be viewed and the record be removed for playing.

This Monkees album was on the Billboard chart at number one for 18 weeks. Never mind gold, this baby went quintuple platinum! This album features the hit penned by Neil Diamond, “I’m a Believer” and that fun breakup song, “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone”. This is an original 1966 album, the Colgems symbol replaced this written word upon the re-release in 1969. With the recent death of Davy Jones, this is a collectible for all the baby boomers.


Oolala, how much crazier can you get?

Glittered poster "Crazy Horse - Paris"

This vintage inspired Art of the Nude, Moulin Rouge Paris reproduction captures the sassy attitude that is the cabaret with all its glory. Toulouse-Lautrec fondly painted the girls and attitude of the Moulin Rouge in his compositions.


Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

Those who can remember, will be immediately transported into the story of Oliver and Jennifer and may immediately burst into tears. The line, Love means never having to say you’re sorry is still the 13th most memorable line from a movie by the American Film Institute. The American Film Institute also considers the film the most romantic movie of all times. It won the best Original Score Award in the 1970 Academy Awards.

One look at this album will have you humming the haunting theme song that Andy Williams made popular. Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be…..

Mary’s wonderful albums will take you into some of the most wonderful places of your past. Spend some time browsing through her studio and find yourself humming a few of those old forgotten tunes.

If Mary was not adding glitter to her memories, she would be making dolls once again, since she enjoyed all aspects of doll making. She is a resident of Pasco, Washington, one of three cities that make up the Tri-Cities of the corner in the Southeastern part of the state.

Mary spends her weekends creating new items for her Artfire studio. GlitterFX is her first venture into online selling and she is learning the insides and outs of online selling, including marketing, which she is always open to advice.

Mary mourns the loss of the albums, “Albums were last created in 1991 and album cover art is a unique art that has been lost. I love being able to enhance their beauty and frame them as an art piece that people can enjoy.”

Some current artists are striving to bring vinyl back, so there may be more memories to make with the pops and clicks that come with the authentic vinyl record.

Mary is a member of the Artfire Checked in Today! and Timeless Vintage guilds.

Contact Mary through her Artfire Studio, GlitterFX