27 May 2012

How to Optimize your Facebook Business Page

I want to share some information about optimizing your Facebook Business Page. We're all here because we're in business & I want to help you grow. I am so grateful for being included in so many collections when I haven't had time to reciprocate that maybe this is a small way to thank you. 

Some of you already know this, but for those who don't:

You should have your Facebook Business Page (and your ArtFire Page) link on your personal 'about' so that your friends (& strangers - make info about selling your work public) can easily find you to buy your work. When someone likes my page I want to reciprocate & it's so much easier when they have their ArtFire and Facebook links on their personal page. Go edit your 'contact info' to include as many websites as needed. Make that section public.

Anything you post on your personal page (or any page for that matter!) about your business page should include a link so we can simply click rather than search for you & possibly not find you.

When you land on my page I want you to see pretty photos of my work. Under our cover photo (which should be just as great as our Artfire page banner, & you might consider having your 'brand' photo the same across all sites/pages you manage) we now have 'apps' that can be enhanced with more photos! The first in that row will always be your 'photos' -that one remains static but the rest can be rearranged.  Post photos often - photo posts will yield more comments than a string of words, no matter how important the text. The more your community interacts with you, the higher your stats become; therefore the higher standing you have in FB's ever changing algorithms. Also the more your friends & community share your posts, the more people will see & hopefully like your page also.

To rearrange & edit your apps, click on the one at the far right - that opens up the entire group of apps. Hover your mouse at the top right of any of your apps & you'll see the pencil to edit. The top line says 'swap position with'...just click on the app that you want to swap with.

Now click on your Artfire Kiosk edit pencil & click on 'edit settings'. You can change the custom tab name if desired, but more importantly you can remove that blah lettering and add your beautiful photo! Click 'change' next to custom tab image. A new window opens & you again click 'change'. Click 'choose file' & upload your image. Change it as often as you wish to keep your community of fans (as they used to be called) entertained!  I decided to change the tab name to 'Purchase my  Work' for those folks who do not know what ArtFire (or maybe even a Kiosk) is.  It's a direct 'call to action'...I'm telling the viewer "to purchase my work just click here".

I hope this is helpful & it only takes a few minutes to do. I'm still learning my way around the new Timeline (and all things technical), but I'm happy to answer any questions I can. If you'd like to see what I've done with my page so far, it's