23 April 2012

Mother’s Day – Give Her Best Wishes

As you may remember from previous posts,the United States was not participating in Mothering Day due to lack of interest of both mothers and offspring. After Julia Ward Howe was unsuccessful in creating a national movement towards honoring mothers, it was another 40 years before someone else picked up the torch for mothers in the United States.

Anna M. Jarvis lost her mother in 1908 and through that loss, she began a crusade to honor mothers everywhere. Her mother had been a Sunday School teacher and Anna begged permission to set aside a day to honor mothers in her home church. May 10, 1908 was the first real Mother’s Day in the United States in both Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia and a Philadelphia church. 407 parishioners participated in the first celebration, where Anna had her mother’s favorite flower pinned to all the mothers. The white carnation was used to honor Anna’s mother and all mothers in attendance that Sunday.

The church in Grafton is still a part of today’s celebrations and is now part of the International Shrine to Mother’s Day.

The white carnation is a symbol of honor for a deceased mother, the pink carnation and red carnation are used to honor living mothers.

The YMCA petitioned the United States government to make Mother’s Day a national holiday and it was defeated, although 46 states, Mexico and Canada were all holding Mother’s Day celebrations by 1909.

Anna was determined to see Mother’s Day made into a national holiday and she spent all her time petitioning governments, women’s groups, business leaders, state and local groups and the World’s Sunday School Association. In 1912, the World’s Sunday School Association had a lot of influence over congress and senate and with them behind her, she was able to get Woodrow Wilson in 1914 to declare the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

It was not long before she was very sorry that she succeeded.

The immediate commercialization of Mother’s Day due to the popularity of the white carnation overshadowed the original intent and Anna spent the next 6 years suing to stop the holiday. She was arrested for protesting in the 1930s and she fought against a national stamp with her mother’s picture, a white carnation and the words Mother’s Day. She was successful in only getting the words Mother’s Day removed.

In spite of the fact she called all the florists charlatans, pirates, bandits, racketeers and termites, the sales of flowers – well, flourished and she died poor, blind and childless. The odd part of the story is, the Florist Exchange secretly paid for her care. It might be noted, that it was the least they could do since she singlehandedly gave them the world’s most successful holiday for florists, card companies and telephone companies.

Mother’s Day is a 16 BILLION dollar industry, florists sell the most flowers in May, the most long distance calls made are made on Mother’s Day and it is the busiest restaurant day of the year. Over 70 countries participate in Mother’s Day celebrations of some sort.

Hallmark says 96 percent of the American consumer takes part in the holiday.

With that said, there is no reason to add more money to the pot at Hallmark when these wonderful Checked In Today! Guild artists have designed and created these wonderful cards and other paper products that mom would enjoy as a Mother’s Day gift.




I Love You More Than Words Can Say hand-foiled binary art card

Mint to be Stationery

From the designer:

A heavyweight, warm white, pearlised A5 (approx 15cm (5 7/8") x 21cm (8 1/4")) original art card featuring scalloped corners and two love birds carrying a large heart on delicate love strings, with a special message to your loved one written in binary code. Don't worry the message has been translated for you and is picked out by red holographic hand foiling, in contrast to the binary message which is hand foiled in gold. The large heart is embellished by two tiny vintage red hearts matching the insert and has been hand embossed with contemporary hearts to add a little texture and interest.
Continuing in my theme of science meets art (in this case, computer science) and recycling, I have cut the two love birds from an actual floppy disk that I removed from one of my floppy disk notebooks - I waste nothing! The heart strings are actually drawn in a ruby red sparkling ink with hand punched detail hinting at the vintage red insert within the card and bringing a little subtle colour to the front of the card. The contrasting blank vintage red insert features a beautiful lacy cut heart edging across the bottom for a little luxury!




Floral Cork Memo Board


From the designer:

This cork board is painted with a white acrylic paint and then it is stamped with the design in black acrylic paint. Four rubber bands are placed around the board to hold notes and photos. Since this is made out of cork it still can be used with push pins. The back of of the board is left unpainted so it can be reversed for a different look.
Measures 12" x 12"





Chicago Skyline note cards 5 pack

Studio Wass

From the designer:

The Chicago skyline was hand drawn by me and reproduced on good quality card stock. The cards are 3 1/2 by 5 folded and make the perfect note card to send to a friend or acquaintance. The skyline design features many notable buildings of the Chicago skyline.
Package in sets of 5 with enveloped included. **Please specify vertical or horizontal and plain or "thinking of you"





Bookmark , Original Hand Painted Floral Tassel Wildflowers Gift Idea

Islands of Time

From the designer:

Approx. 2"X8" These hand painted bookmarks are made from best quality watercolor paper and have a HANDMADE TASSEL! They make great Teacher, Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, Thank You... gifts to tuck into a greeting card!
WHAT YOU GET: one bookmark with tassel


Now that you know the story of Mother’s Day, you have many new ideas on what to buy mom for that special day – and it IS special. It is not just for Mom's either; make sure you think of your sister, auntie, grandmother, mother-in-law, step-mother and any woman you love.

Here is the schedule of celebrations:

United Kingdom - March 18 – you are late – go buy something for 2013

United States - Sunday, May 13

Canada – Sunday, May 13

Mexico –  Tuesday, May 8

Australia – Sunday, May 13

New Zealand – Sunday, May 13

Author’s Notes:

If you are interested in more information on Mother’s Day, including other countries and their holiday celebrations,  http://www.mothersdaycentral.com/ and the International Mother’s Day Shrine http://www.mothersdayshrine.com/ I have included interesting links for both sites. Much of my research came from these two sites along with other historical documents.

©2012 jcleveland for Checked In Today! guild.


  1. Delighted to have my Binary "I Love You More Than Words Can Say" Art Card included in this really interesting article. This is a very popular art card throughout the year - so why not for your mom? Great if you're an IT professional wanting a card that's a little different for your mom! :-)

    You've picked some really lovely creations too and also perfectly timed for National Stationery Day today too! Share, share, share! :-)

    Caroline - Mint To Be Stationery

  2. The story is Momderful! I am delighted to learn about the beginning of this day. A day full of LOVE and HONOR for some amazing Mothers.

    I'm honored to have 'Bookmark , Original Hand Painted Floral' featured as part of the story. Thanks for enlightening us.

  3. What a great blog post! You chose some awesome items! (This is Lee, from Strega Jewellry, can't get my ID to work so had to go anonymous)

  4. Great story...who knew such a big holiday was not even recognized at first!

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  6. I love the informative Blog for Mother's you have done! I Love it!! I am going to send my gifts off early with a bit of insite for my Step-Mom this year! Love it!! again!!! CJ

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  7. Hi, Catherine! These are really gorgeous for Mothers' Day. Thanks for linking up again at Market Your Biz and Giveaways.


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