16 April 2012

Mother’s Day – Dress Her to the Nines

The ancient Egyptians held their annual festival to honor the goddess, Isis, who was the mother of the pharaohs. She was adorned with a crown of bull horns and a fiery sun orb. She was normally depicted seated on a throne.

The ancient Romans also celebrated the festival of Isis and used this festival to mark the beginning of Winter. Although Isis was Egyptian, the Romans decided they liked her looks and took three days to celebrate their appreciation for her. It also involved female dancers, musicians and singers. Any excuse to get the ladies to dance and knowing the Romans, it is a safe bet that there was a lot of jingling going on. Toga! Toga! Toga!

The Romans did celebrate a Mother’s Day of sorts, with the celebration of their Great Mother, the Phyrgian goddess Cybele. She is the equivalent of the Greek Goddess Rhea. Rhea was the mother of most of the Roman gods, including Zeus. She was the center of the festival celebrating her motherhood, which took place around the Vernal Equinox.

Cybele was the mother deity celebrated in Rome and Asia Minor. She was similar to the Greek Rhea. Most societies worshipped some sort of mother goddess in their celebrations and rituals.

Some celebrations were so out-of-hand that they were either banned or discouraged. Wild dancing, debauchery and drunkenness were the hallmark of many of these parties. Maybe frat parties were the off-shoot of goddess celebrations.

But for every wild party, there were more sedate and conservative celebrations where the goddess was worshipped and honored with honey cakes and sharing flowers with each other. These conservative celebrations were also in Asia Minor and Rome. Guess, it just depended on which side of town you lived on, or if you were a pledge of Delta Tau Chi House.

The Roman and Greek festivals all fell around the same time every year, mid-March. There were parades, parties and the goddess was at the head of the parade. In addition to the parades and parties, there were Olympic type games and there was an arts and crafts display. 

In every parade, whether viewing or participating, moms, or the goddesses, want to be dressed up elaborately and beautifully. The Checked In Today! Artfire Guild has some beautiful arts and crafts on display that would make mom look lovely.

From head to toe, give mom the look of a goddess.



Hand Knitted Small Light Sage Monet Slippers for Women or Teens


From the designer:

Light Sage Monet slippers
Size Small
These fit shoe size 5 to 7.
These slippers are made with 2 skeins of yarn to make them more durable.
When knitting slippers I set the pattern so that the heel is different from toes. Heel area is straight knit except one stitch that frames bottom from sides. Toe area is stockinette stitch. Gives slippers a unique look.




Feminine Floral Personal Planner Wallet or Organizer in Mint and Pink


From the designer:

have two available and they both have the same fabric, pink rosebuds and floral trellis, but the fabrics are used in different places. Both 4 1/2 inch by 7 inch planners close with a fabric loop going around a heart button. On the inside you will find a ballerina calendar for 2012 and 2013, a memo pad, and pen. (The pad and pen may vary from the picture.) There is even a small pocket inside for business cards. The planner wallets of my own design were made in my smokefree home and are ready to ship.
Be sure to look in my studio for the matching purse and other charming things. This would make a great addition to an Easter basket or a Mother's Day gift.




Fingerless Gloves and Hat Alpaca Blend Crocheted Set Ladies SmallMedi


From the designer:

This is a handmade hat and fingerless gloves set.
I crocheted these in Andes Alpaca yarn. The yarn is an alpaca blend, that is 70% acrylic and 30% alpaca.
The color is "biscuit".
The fingerless gloves are 7" long.
Machine or hand wash separately in cold water. Air dry or machine dry on lowest heat JUST until dry.



Knit Ruffle Scarf in Rust Tones

Brenda’s Craft Store

From the designer:

This knitted ruffled scarf has beautiful deep rust/orange hues with some maroon color mixed in along with metallic highlights. Cameras and computer monitors don't do it justice. I've knitted it with a soft, mesh type yarn that creates a ruffled effect as you knit. This is a must have fashion accessory!
The scarf is 4 1/2" wide by 52" long.
Care instructions: hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.




Blue Fun Fur Crochet Slippers


From the designer:

These slippers are made with acrylic yarn and Fun Fur for a special look while keeping your tootsies cozy! These are a change of pace from a normal everyday slipper. Give your feet a bit of Pizazz while staying warm!





Handknit Blue Hoodie

Purple Pup

From the designer:

This cozy hoodie was handknit using two strands of yarn, one dark blue and the other a tweedy mix of bright blue/white/purple. It is thick and cosy - a great warm addition to your wardrobe, ideal to wear with jeans when going for a stroll, shopping, picking up the kids, for stowing in your weekend travel bag, or for walking the dog (check out the matching dog coat in my handknit dog coats section!)
The hood is roomy, there is a frontal lacy fastening, and a built-in hand-muff to keep your fingers warm when there's a cool breeze.
This measures 38" around the chest, 22" from neck to hem, and 25 from the neck along the shoulder and down the arm.





Floral Fabric Purse

Sieber Designs

From the designer:

Floral Fabric Purse measures approximately:
9" across the top
10" top to bottom
10.5" across the bottom
3" depth
3.5" base
2 - 29" straps with 14.5" drop
*Please note measurements to make sure that they suit your purposes*
Pieces of beautiful floral fabrics with backgrounds in Pink, Purple and Yellow were used to create this fun "Green friendly" purse. The front, back and closure were completely machine pieced together using a zig zag stitch with yellow cotton thread. The straps were both made from two of the fabrics, 1/2 blue and 1/2 purple. The inside lining and pockets were made from coordinating fabrics.
Pockets were added to the lining to hold the little things that you might need (store discount cards, hand sanitizer etc.). The closure goes from the top/back of the purse to the front and attaches with magnet. A handmade fabric covered button in a coordinating fabric was used to decorate the closure.





Mother of pearl flower handmade bobby pins silver plate

Wings of Flutter

From the designer:

Pretty up your hair this summer with this precious pair of handmade flower bobby pins. The white flowers are upcycled vintage mother of pearl earrings and are attached to 2 inch bobby pins that are silver plated. Each flower measures .50 inches.
Wouldn't these look lovely with a sundress and sandals? How about a tee shirt, shorts, and flip flops? A perfect accessory for the warm sunny months!



When dressing mom from head to toe, you cannot forget her ears, neck and arms, which we will adorn in the next segment of Mother’s Day gift ideas.


  1. Lovely selection - I am so pleased that my blue hoodie is in such beautiful company!

  2. What fantastic information. I love that all the women got so dressed up!

    Definitely some amazing creations featured that will make wonderful gifts for Mother's day so that all the mothers out there can be decked out and ready to celebrate!

  3. Thanks for that bit of history - I never knew! Awesome items everyone!!! :)

  4. You've showcased some wonderful items that every mother will love! Thanks for including my ruffled scarf.

  5. Lovely items. Thank you for including my hat and wrist warmer set!


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