30 March 2012

From France to Atlanta, Inspiration is Worldwide for Aya Designs

Inspired by the world around her and a handful of stones, Aya of Aya Designs can take those two things and create a simply beaded necklace, or she can throw pearls and stones together to show off the Bohemian side of her.

“I love working with pearls and crystals. I mix all sorts of stones together with them that you traditionally wouldn’t,” Aya said. Her current favorite is a three strand multi-color and multi-shape pearl necklace, but then she says they are all favorites when she makes them and since she rarely duplicates her designs, these are one of a kind pieces.



- This pearl and crystal necklace is a perfect example of Aya’s love of working with these two elements. She has intermingled a variety of pearl shapes and colors and given them a spotlight of Swarovski to shine under.


Aya started her exploration into jewelry creation close to ten years ago and started selling online three years ago when she opened an Etsy shop. Seeking an easier to use venue, she made the move to Artfire.

She uses the stones to dictate the direction of her artistic endeavor. Sometimes she will put something together, only to take it back apart to work at it from another angle.

“I’ve been known to string something, only to tear it down and start over because it wasn’t perfect for me,” Aya said.

Just because she has only recently started selling online does not mean that her designs are unknown to other artisans. Aya is a member of an elite group of artists who work with celebrities and provide all the goodies that you hear about in the swag bags at all the “in parties”. She is a member of The Artist Group (TAG) and these talented artists fill bags for events such as Oscars, Primetime Emmys and the Golden Globe, to name a few.

“It is my first time working with such a group and it’s been unbelievably great in many respects,” Aya said. TAG works closely with GBK Productions in celebrity gifting and press gifts. Many of the celebrities are gracious and pose for professional photos with their gifts.



- Interesting design and movement make this Lavender Agates and White Jade Necklace a show stopper. Bali silver findings finish off this piece and it would be at home around the neck of any celebrity.


She advises other artists to always buy the best materials and to be meticulous with their finished product. “Also, really love what you do, it will reflect itself in your work,” she advises.

Aya is a full-time designer and after spending 20 years in the wholesale business, she is realizing her dream of developing her own line of jewelry and selling to boutiques. Her latest venture is a jewelry line for kids, which she is in the process of developing and working on branding. Kids are a new demographic for her.


- It might look like the lovable Easter Peep, but this pink bunny is Magnesite and is playing in an Easter basket of genuine white agates. It is on a double stretch jelly cord for ease in fitting.

Aya fills her day with studio work, marketing, design and the ever constant social media and studio tweaking. Her adult daughters keep her trendy and focused.

A “Jill of all trades”, Aya loves to spend time decorating, painting walls, recovering furniture and antiquing for pleasure.

Aya would love to learn to solder in order to add natural stones and pearls by working with metal. “I envy metal workers working with copper and other metals,” she said.

A world-wide traveler, Aya is enthralled with the beauty that surrounds her and was particularly moved by the years she spent in Turkey. She still cites her favorite day as one she can sit in the sunshine and read, preferably in the south of France. She is a French born self-described brat of a United States Army dad and a French mom.

Currently, she is a Georgia peach enjoying the southern lifestyle of the genteel ladies of Atlanta. Aya supplies the ladies with bridge jewelry and designs for the southern belles weddings. She also participates in a few shows each year.


- Southern belle or not, this bracelet from the arm of any woman will command attention and demand a second look. From the freshwater pearls to the crystal rondelles, the attention will all be on your wrist.


Relaxing for Aya is a stroll through the Atlanta Botanical Garden where she enjoys the flowers and mentally steals away color snippets to draw upon when she is designing a new piece.

Aya can be found at AyaDesigns on Artfire.

She is a member of the Checked In Today Guild on Artfire.

She is a member of The Artists Group.


  1. What a fascinating post! Have been a fan of Aya's designs for some time now. Love the way she puts together colors and textures. Had to smile when she said she gets inspiration from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens - that was a fav place of mine to be color inspired. Only I took photos - LOL! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Gorgeous work. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. what beautiful work.
    nice to meet you.

  4. Very beautiful! I loved reading this write up. I will be keeping up with this artist for sure!

  5. What a nice feature! It's so nice to get to know Aya this way, and to glimpse into the inspiration and process of her lovely work!

  6. What a busy and talented person.I've really enjoyed learning more about this Artisan so thank-you Julie for writing such an interesting article.

  7. Thanks so much everyone!! I am so happy to have been featured amongst all this talent! You're such a great supportive group of artisans - it really makes me happy that I joined your group! Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

  8. Awesome work - very cool!:) XO


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