01 February 2012

Mid Week Product Tweek

In the middle of the week we are busy.
We have work that's piling up and dishes to do.
Mums On The Water ACEO

This is the perfect time to take a breath and inspire ourselves with a little tweek in our Studio. Head on over to your Studio and check your stats. The products with the least views could sure use an upgrade.

Sometimes I use my hour or so to just look. I mean REALLY LOOK at my items. I often will deactivate the ones that are just sitting there. It clears my head and makes servicing my Studio a little easier when it's not cluttered up with 'sitting stuff'.

We all need a mid week pick me up. We could all benefit from lightening our load a bit. Try it. It might just be the thing you need to kick start a whole new stream of creativity!

Thanks for listening.
What will you create today?

S L Waldon
Islands Of Time


  1. Funnily enough, I spent about an hour this morning re writing some of my descriptions, altering postage prices as I had them too low (and have been out of pocket due to that mistake recently) and generally just 'tidying' up my on line stock.

  2. I need to do that desperately - I have been going too many directions and none of them seem to be forward :) Thanks for the post IOT - I am going to work on making time to schedule this important step

  3. Indeed, a great business discipline ~ it's simple, potentially effective and will promise continuous learning and growth.

  4. I tend to to review my shop like that at least a few times a month. I try to arrange my items so things like Valentines items are on the first few pages, then switch them up for Spring, Easter, Mother's Day, etc. And as I spot items that need improved descriptions, titles, or tags I fix them up as well. My next big project is re-taking some of my product pics. My newer items are pretty good, but I can certainly see room for improvement on some of the older items.


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