29 February 2012

New Guild Members

A warm Guild Welcome to Terisabeads

This is a new Studio and is selling fibre crafts.

A warm guild Welcome to Favored Memories too.This is a supply shop full of useful and attractive findings and bits.

Welcome to WIAN Studios who signed up
to the Guild today; 29th Febraury.

And another new member to Welcome is EK Web Designs

28 February 2012

Sail Away to the "Islands Of Time” with Artist S L Waldon

When asked how she comes up with a design, award winning artist S L Waldon answered, “All of my art pieces have a story to tell. They speak of the simple fulfillment of their own moments. They are ‘Islands of Time’ set apart in a tangible way”.

As a confessed storyteller, S L Waldon has taken that quote and transformed her entire studio to tell you a story.

Islands Of Time is filled with eye catching color and so many of her paintings display a seamless motion that captures you up and takes you along until you find the end of the story. It may be a surprise ending that leaves you delighted.

A perfect example of her storytelling ability reside in Two Red Fish.

Amazing and dashing, two red fish play in a watercolor bowl that invites you to dip your toes in to see if they will nibble on your feet. They dance and shimmer from side to side while appearing to grin with pleasure that you are watching them; the little show offs. Their hide and seek game has been put on just for you. The original is available for you to take home. They make a perfect apartment pet.


S L Waldon is a Florida resident and if you have never been to Florida, you cannot fully appreciate the overwhelming amount of color that state has created just for her to capture within the bristles of her paintbrush. S L Waldon finds color her favorite “material” to work with as it affords her the opportunity to transform your world to hers with a stroke of a brush or a stitch of fiber. This allows her to take what she sees in her mind and bring it to fruition; seeing a vision and following it to completion.

The abundance of color has been expressed in some of S L Waldon’s exquisite roses and other flowers, which have been a favorite subject in the collections that other Artfire artist’s have curated. It is not uncommon to see some of S L Waldon’s pink roses in a collection or three. Next to the roses, her whimsical fish are a popular addition to other collections of animals.

S L Waldon has a sense of humor as well; one look at her Brothers Gill Singing Group cracks the hardest exterior.

Speaking of hard exteriors, her playful brush has a fondness for marine life as her grumpy crabs scuttle over bookmarks.

Or in her handmade octopus of school team colors, if you please. Deland’s Stetson University never looked so good.

Ghostly images in the deep are eerily displayed in Take a Right at the Sea Grass.



For the budget minded, S L Waldon has a series of bookmarks, cards and other tiny treasures featuring her lovely watercolors. This makes it affordable for anyone to own something from the Islands of Time. She also has added her artwork to Zazzle where you can find her orchids, fish and other graceful creations. http://www.zazzle.com/islandsoftime

In addition to her delightful paintings, S L Waldon has an adequate inventory of fiber art jewelry of heirloom quality; there is something for every gift occasion. She said that her one of a kind artisan pieces have been created with great skill and attention to detail. You can see that all of the stitching has been stabilized and it is easy to care for with hand washing and air drying.

Tiny stitches are part of the design in this open heart necklace.


You can see the intricate stitching as it weaves along the heart before turning to incorporate perfectly matched tiny pink beads for that extra shimmer and shine.

For those who have recently created a tropical haven on the East Coast, your East facing living room would not be complete until you found these two ethereal creatures dancing within. These are created from S L Waldon’s own tank of tropical dancers. Even in monochromatic painting, she still manages to exhibit a wide range of brilliant color.


For over 45 years S L Waldon has painted, sewn, created jewelry and worked with fiber. Eight years ago, she made the transition from a hobby to a professional side job. Her current job is based at home, which allows for her to sneak away and grab a couple of creative hours a day to feed her need to create. Her perfect day is any day that she can finish a creation; following her vision from mind’s eye to fingertips.

“As I say in my bio, I am an artist by birth. It is my calling. It is my privilege. It is my joy”, S L Walden said about her creative inspiration. Along with being born to create, she is surrounded by a family of creative people, which makes it a way of life for all. She uses her ability to create to be of use to others and love, life and happiness are her inspirations.

Norman Rockwell has found his way into her heart for his ability to celebrate the best of what humans are, what they should aspire to be, all the while earning a living while painting.

Even though she is experienced in local gallery sales, S L Waldon has decided to make her home online with her Artfire studio while she spends her time creating new images to delight her followers. She is open 24/7 this way and she is always available to answer any questions you might have.

She is a member of several online Artfire guilds, not surprisingly, she is the inspirational writer for the A Passion for Painting Guild, sharing some of her creative passion in order to inspire others to reach higher and further than they knew possible, asking them, what will you create today?

She is an avid blogger, sharing stories of her paintings with us that make us an intimate part of her art. Recently, her ruffled orchids went to court with her.

You can find S L Waldon at www.IslandsOfTime.artfire.com and her blog at www. islandsoftime.blogspot.com. You can follow her blog and receive updates when she posts new articles. Also be sure and “like” her on Facebook to get her updates. http://www.facebook.com/islandsoftimeartscrafts

Online Guilds at Artfire that IslandsOfTime belongs to include:

A Passion for Painting Guild

Checked In Today

Up-Cyclers & Re-purposing

The Native American Network

Card Makers on ArtFire

Come sail away today with S L Waldon and be prepared to come away with a little fish or two of your own. You cannot enjoy her art without wanting to own a piece that you can admire at all times. Just because she has no favorites does not mean that you will not find a favorite among her offerings.

16 February 2012

Artfire Email Collection

I'm just braggin' but, my collection is out today in the artfire email! Thanks to all the great artisans that made the things in this collection.

Spring Sky Bursting Through

Sign up for the ArtFire.com email. You could win US $100.00 to spend on artfire.com!

15 February 2012

The Blu Print: 5 Things I Want In My Soap

I wanted to share this blog post I did about Pink's Pleasures soap studio on Artfire.

The Blu Print: 5 Things I Want In My Soap: Soap is an interesting thing; it is said that the history of soap goes back to early Babylonian times. It is also said that early Roman wome...

04 February 2012

More Welcomes!

Welcome to Old Dominion Scents
Supplier of hand crafted tart melts.
Welcome to Accents and Petals who specializes in creating flowers, floral bouquets, wedding bouquets, centerpieces and more from paper, various wood shavings, fossilized leaves, corn husks, fabrics and other recycled items.

Welcome to Silver Moon Lyn who also has a very attractive looking shop and you will find a range of dichroic glass jewellery and cabochons, and soon to come, some of my drawings in the form of ACEO's and gift cards.

We also Welcome Mint To Be Stationery Offering handmade notebooks,favour boxes,Fine Art Prints and much more! All handmade in the UK.
Another new Guild member is HomeMaid ExpressionsLots of attractive looking soaps, lotions and potions but also wooden soap dishes and other goodies too.

And lastly this week, a warm Guild Welcome to Wildly American Soap Co.Visit the Studio for handmade soaps and bath products.

01 February 2012

Mid Week Product Tweek

In the middle of the week we are busy.
We have work that's piling up and dishes to do.
Mums On The Water ACEO

This is the perfect time to take a breath and inspire ourselves with a little tweek in our Studio. Head on over to your Studio and check your stats. The products with the least views could sure use an upgrade.

Sometimes I use my hour or so to just look. I mean REALLY LOOK at my items. I often will deactivate the ones that are just sitting there. It clears my head and makes servicing my Studio a little easier when it's not cluttered up with 'sitting stuff'.

We all need a mid week pick me up. We could all benefit from lightening our load a bit. Try it. It might just be the thing you need to kick start a whole new stream of creativity!

Thanks for listening.
What will you create today?

S L Waldon
Islands Of Time

More new members

WELCOME one and ALL!

Jillys Stuff

Steider Studios

Pretty Gonzo

A gift for everyone, Artfire collection

Artfire 2012

Do click on the link and have a listen; it's very interesting.

Thanks to Katrina Robb for bringing the article to our attention in the Guild forums.