15 January 2012

What have YOU done today.....

.... to promote your fellow Guild Artisans ?
So far, only a handful of Guild members have made a Collection, even though a reminder has been sent to every member. The purpose of this Guild has been clearly laid out in the Guild mission statement and also in the Guild details and everyone who signed up to the Guild answered in the positive that they were up for Promoting fellow Artfire and Guild members. It is understood that we all have varying degrees of other commitments but this Guild will stagnate like so many before it if we don't pick up the baton and run with it.
There is already a few (and it is a few) core members of this Guild who are doing the promotion of others and not getting much in return.
We are now a Guild of 54 members and so we should be creating around 50 Collections a month. These Collections should be viewed and commented on by as many Guild members as possible and also shared on Face Book, Twitter and embedded on Blogs where possible. Right now, this can not be happening as the views and comment stats are low.
It really doesn't take much to click on one of the 'share' buttons or the 'Pin' button next to an item.

To answer my own question; I have viewed and commented on several Collections this morning, shared them on Twitter and on Face Book, visited two or three Studios and Pinned two items to Pinterest.com. That took me fifteen minutes at most and yet it has spread several Artisans work.I have also visited our Face Book Group and Page and written there and here.

Two days ago, I spent sometime going through, at random, the Collections on Artfire and commenting on ones I particularly liked or that caught my eye for some reason or another. Less that 12 hours later, I received an email from a curator of one Collection, which was by the way, several months old and had hardly any views, and in this email she thanks me for the comment I left, complimented me on my own Artfire Studio and placed an order for 4 knitted toys!! It really does pay off to be giving and sharing.
Many of you reading this are here because you are the ones who are doing so much already; thank-you for that. Please share this Blog post on Face Book and Twitter and lets try to get more people motivated to promote.

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