21 January 2012

Weekend Wanderings

It's Saturday!
How are your Weekend Wanderings going so far?

I am fond of wandering the earth in my free time. It makes the time seem more free somehow when I take myself somewhere I've never been before.

As you roam around in your free time spaces head on over to ArtFire.com. The Checked In Today Guild has a great SALES page that is perfect for your Weekend Wanderings!

You will find all the items in the SALES page are made by members of this dedicated group. They are made by hand with skill and precision. And..they are all ON SALE.


  1. I love looking through the Sales pages in the Guild; it's a great idea to have everything so easy to find in the one place.

  2. Beautiful!! I get no work done due to all the wandering I do :)


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