28 January 2012

Getting back to basics

Thankfully this article is not relevant to the Checked in Today! Guild members but it does apply to far too many Artfire members in general. I noticed recently when searching Studios for items to make a new Collection that all too many have yet to:-

Upload a banner

Write an introduction to their Studio/ Shop; this should include keywords about the product(s) you sell as Google trawls this too.

Write a Foot note too; again this is crawled by Google.

An avatar; something eye-catching and memorable and hopefully relates somewhat to the product you sell.

Write clear and concise shop policies. Remember when writing these that you have to abide by UK Distance selling regulations if you reside in the UK.

Include a photograph of yourself or your workspace/ home studio.
It's so nice to be able to see who you are buying from or at least where a handmade item has been created.

Click the CHECK IN Button in "My Artfire". If you do this two things happen. Firstly people who land on your page via the web will see that you have not abandoned your shop
Secondly, Artfire will put your items first (nearer to the front pages that is) of searches.

All of the above will make your Studio more attractive, more visible, more approachable and hopefully more productive for YOU.


  1. Great reminder Rachael, all of these things make your studio that much more inviting and attractive to people who are interested in the items you create. People like to know who they are buying from and these tools help them get to know you. Many people buy from people they know.


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