24 January 2012

Firefly Ridge-Artists in the country: It's Talented Tuesday!

Firefly Ridge-Artists in the country: It's Talented Tuesday!: Today's Featured Talent is BluemorningExpressions.She is one of the most talented Polymar artists I have ever seen.Her beads are on the wis...


  1. That was a nice write up about your work Julie and well deserved. I'm very pleased with the bracelet I purchased from your Artfire Studio recently and greatly admire the skill you have to make the polymer clay beads. One day, I'd like to have ago at working with polymer clay myself but Heaven only knows when I'll find the time!

  2. I am so thrilled with the write-up
    Once you start on polymer clay, you will become completely addicted to it and start buying it in pounds. I just stocked another 20 pounds of clay to my stash.

  3. 20 pounds! That's an awful lot of beads.

  4. I put it next to the other 100 pounds I have :) I use a lot of clay and when it goes on sale, I buy as much as I can get. I will use this up sometime this year.
    I sell a lot of my canes


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