19 January 2012

A couple of thoughts to ponder

My observations whilst visiting various Artfire Studios; firstly, a number of people have no mention of their personal name in their Bio. I'm asking myself, "Why?"

A number of people when messaging me on Artfire never sign their message with their personal name; "Why?"

I always read Studio introductions and I am amazed at how many people waffle on about their home and lack of pets but don't tell me what they make! Google isn't interested in your lack of pets....you need to tell Google what you make and sell!

What observations do you have?

1 comment:

  1. Good observation - Google does like to read introductions to studios, blog posts, footers, bios and all the other places that we customize our studios. Artfire gives us a lot of places to draw Google and shoppers in by using keywords.

    Don't forget that there are a number of threads under the Seller Workshops in the Artfire Forums that are written specifically to cover these issues. Help is always available if you have any questions.


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