25 January 2012

The Art of Promotion!

Everyone talks about the importance of social networking. This is no new phenomenon exclusive to the internet. Networking has been around since the first barter or exchange of an item.

I will give you a rock for that seashell.

Networking is about exchanging benefits to serve both parties.

Currently, we exchange cash for goods. Without cash, there are no goods.

If we receive good service somewhere, we tell all our friends. If we receive bad service, we tell all our friends and everyone who will listen to us.

This is promotion. It is a form of networking that we do daily amongst ourselves and everyone that we encounter during our day. So, we all know how to do it and most of the time we do it unconsciously.

If we are excited about something that we see or something that we recently purchased, we cannot wait to share it with someone. We are promoting our good fortune at having purchased something that excites us. We are promoting our excitement about something we saw.

If you are casually browsing someone’s studio and something jumps out and grabs you by the arm and yells, “Look at me!!”, do you not want to just grab your laptop and shove it in someone else’s face and scream, “Look at this!!”?

If that does not scare the cat and the kids, I do not know what will.

Thankfully, Artfire has taken this into consideration and provided us with our own “Look at me!!” buttons. To the right of each studio and each item on the studio pages, there is a cool selection of buttons to push – geek speak – we, love buttons. image

It takes less time to punch a “Look at me!!” button than it does to turn around and yell lookit, lookit to your sister in the other room.

The easiest promotional tool on the studio sidebar is the Twitter button. The only thing you require is a Twitter account. From there, when you see something that if you do not share it with someone, you will bust, hit the Twitter button and send that Tweet to the rest of the world. Two seconds, I promise. The Tweet might need to be cleaned a bit, Artfire likes to shove a lot of extra stuff in there, but you can get rid of the extras really easy.

Pull out the extra dots slashes and categories and all you need to do is put in this symbol:


Everyone who retweets for the Checked In Guild will be able to see your tweet and send it to all of their followers.

You just engaged in the simplest form of social networking and promotion possible.

The Facebook like button is there for you to push too.

StumbleIn, Pinterest and Google+1 are also on that bar, but I will write about those later.

Today it is Twitter, tomorrow, the World!!

Tweet your brains out and send the views soaring.

Julie and Blu

©2012 jcleveland

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  1. Great blog! I have been tweeting about ArtFire products the old fashioned way... copy and pasting the link and the item title. This will save me some time... enough time to tweet more products!

    Melissa @

  2. Interesting and very useful post.And don't forget Peeps that this article can be Tweeted by clicking on the 't' underneath it!

  3. What a great idea for a guild … I'll have to check it out!


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